Unable to revise as the revise tab is not given

I am unable to revise it.

Hello, I think you unclaimed the project, do you still need any support with anything?

For this case, I think you couldn’t start revising because the translator hadn’t started working on this task yet. You receive a notification when the text is ready to be revised. In the future, please use the project thread to post project-related question, you will get assistance much quicker. This is how you can find the right thread to post a message for the project you are working on (video tutorial )

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Hi, guys!

I am having exactly the same issue with a revising task. I didn’t unclaimed it but it doesn’t appear any tab to start it. The deadline is just in a couple of days, that’s why I was wondering if everything was fine.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @micaelatranslations, thanks for checking up on this! You cannot start revising tasks until the translation task for your chunk is complete. When the translation is complete you will receive an email to let you know :slight_smile:

I see the deadline is approaching, but if you need an extension don’t hesitate to post a message in the discussion thread for the project (video tutorial) :wink:

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Hello. My problem can be silly since this is the first time I revise a file lol. Anyways, I have a revision task claimed but I’m not sure if I’m downloading the source language file correctly. I’m supposed to download it from the source file preview in the bottom of the page isn’t that right? I’m questioning whether I downloaded the right file or not because the work on this task has been underway since 23-2 and I still get a fully English monolingual file each time I download the source file.


Hi @shadialbadrasawi,
thank you for reaching out. Have you had a look at this video tutorial?

By writing in the right topic thread, you will have more chances to get the best reply to your question.
I hope this helps.


Hi @shadialbadrasawi, thanks for reaching out to us :slight_smile:

The translation of your chunk hasn’t been completed yet, so that’s why you cannot see the completed document. You will receive an email notification when the translation has been completed and the document is ready to be reviewed :blush:

If you have any questions about your task, you can leave a message in the respective project thread following the instructions that the lovely @faretto5 shared above :innocent:

Thanks for your support, Shadi! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with :star2:


It was! I’m deeply thankful.


Oh, so I was downloading the file correctly? That’s reassuring. I was just reluctant to jump into conclusion about the fellow translator not finishing his job yet. I guess I’ll just wait for some more time. This is the second time you help silly me with this project haha. Thanks, Silvia :smile: