Unable to access a task

Hello! I am trying to access a task to translate from English to Leviathan Arabic however it is telling me that I am not authorized to view the task. All the tasks related to Arabic are telling me I don’t have access to them. Is there a way I can get a translation task for Arabic that I can actually access?

when I click on the title of the task this happens…

I really want to start on a task but I am not able to due to no having an authorization. Is there a way to get one?

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Good afternoon, Ayah :slight_smile:

If you become a Kató Verified Translator, you will have access to more tasks.

I hope this helps.

Have a great day!


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Hello @Ayah_Halabi :wave:
@andfraz is right, if you become a Kató Verified translator you’ll gain access to all projects. I’ve seen that you are not a Kató Verified Translator yet, take a look at this thread to know more :wink:
In any case, if you post on the relevant thread, I’ll be able to double-check if the task is actually for Kató Verified translators only. Thanks you :pray:

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