TWB Platform

Hi there,

I have been having issues with the TWB translation platform since yesterday and I’m only able to translate it on Word. I have reached to support but so far, no answer.

What should I do? I have deadlines.

Hi @catarinapereira308 I’m sorry to hear that! Can you please explain which kind of issues you’ve been facing? If you could please share with us more information about it, for example the link that triggers the error (if any) or some screenshots, we could help you better

Hi Eleonora!

I open the platform to translate but it just gets blocked, it doesn’t let me write at all.

Hello @catarinapereira308 !
Thank you for your message and for reaching out!

The issue comes from the fact that you have the “preview” mode activated. Since the original file is a IDML file, the preview mode lags. Indeed the IDML is rather heavy and therefore takes time to load. If you disable the preview mode you should be able to work in the CAT tool.

Now, since you won’t be able to disable such mode in the project, I have assigned you another one (TWB Platform). Open this task, go to Tools, click on Preview and then on Disable. Refresh the page, close the tab. Go back to the project where you have issue, the preview mode should be deactivated and you should be able to work.

I hope you’ll be able to fix this and keep me posted on the resolution of this issue!

All the best,


Hello Yasmina,

Thank you so much for your help! I might cry haha. Now I’m able to work on the translations!

Have a nice weekend and, again, thank you!

Dear @catarinapereira308 ,

My pleasure, glad it was solved :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend and thank you for your help on this project!