TWB Holiday Campaign


This Christmas :christmas_tree:, our lovely Project Managers will be sharing some of the projects who moved them the most in short videos :video_camera:

With this campaign we wish to raise awareness to our work and the importance language plays in crisis response and humanitarian contexts. The motto for this campaign is give the gift of life-saving words, which you all do every time you contribute to a translation project at TWB.

We would now like to ask for your support once more, please disseminate this campaign with your different networks and ask them to give the gift of live-saving words either through volunteering, by contributing to our fundraising campaign or by making a donation.

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Thank you :heart_eyes:


The first video is out already :tada: featuring @Dace and What Matters?, our Humanitarian Feedback Bulletin on the Rohingya Crisis, that TWB translates into Bangla every month. Please check the video!

We can not thank enough to Ananya Barua, @Asra, Fahmida Begum, @mak, Maliha Jahan,
@Rezwan, @Ridwan, @Satyajit, @Shakil, @Shekhraj and Tajimul Islam Jiban for their support on this project!
(some translators preferred to remain anonymous)

Any donations made in the next week will be matched by a generous donor, up to USD $2500!

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Thank you TWB Kató Community for giving the opportunity to contribute in this noble work. I really feel honored to be a part of this word donating idea. Thanks a lot to Dace and Ana for acknowledging our contributions.


Thank you for your kind words, Fahmida! We are glad to have you with us and really appreciate your contribution to What Matters? among other amazing projects.


One more video out! :partying_face: The stars this week are @Manuel and the Smile Train’s Inside Out Program, translated from English into Chinese and Spanish. Please take a look at the video! :movie_camera:

But our real stars are the translators who have made this project a reality. Thank you! :star2:
On the Chinese team: @Birdie_KauaiOo, Minglei Lim, @Yapei
On the Spanish team: Agustina Mizza, Jimena Pardo, @Julia, @kpattison, Leandro Del Fabro, @patriciacassoni and @Rebeca
(some translators preferred to remain anonymous)

Please help us reach our goal by sharing the video on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!


Can volunteers also participate , or is it only meant for project managers?


Hi @Abubakar! The campaign was designed to give visibility to our Project Managers and the projects that have touched them them most through out the year. We are also mentioning on our Forum the translators who contributed for the success of those projects and asking all of you to participate in this campaign by sharing it with your contacts. Did you had something else in mind? Lest us know! :slightly_smiling_face:


This week video is finally out! :confetti_ball: @Dona tell us about Free Wheelchair Mission and how she feels motivated by TWB’s work impact :star_struck:. On her own words:

When you know that the work you do will benefit many people through the gift of language you feel inspire to give the best out of you everyday.

We want to thank all of you who give your best to each TWB project! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: A special thanks to the translators who helped translating this project into Arabic, Chinese, French, Haitian-Creole, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese:
Anh Huyen, @Antonella1, @bmhv, @cziamandanis, @Constanza, @nafoute, @Ghada_Alluhaidan, @Amina @hoclenmai179, @Ilduara, @rapidrina, Jane Wang, @JEAN_HEBER @luubuuphuongvl12, Maria Alejandra Aguada, Marlon Naves Burjack, @minhhacu, Mohammad al-Houtary, @Ode, Peterson Pierre, @RoxanaB, Sabrina Sattnin, Sandra Galgos, Suree Andersen, Yousra Fakhrey and Yulian Wang.
(some translators preferred to remain anonymous)

Please, don’t forget to share the video on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. We have until next Tuesday to reach our goal!


A great project to have been a part of! I love the video!


Being part of this project was a great honor :heart: Can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity :sparkles:


Giving Tuesday :ribbon: is just around the corner and we don’t have much time left to get to our goal of raising 2500$! All donations received until the end of tomorrow will be matched by our kind sponsor BeatBabel :star2: so please help us reach our goal by sharing our holiday campaign on your social networks :gift:.

But good news do not end here :confetti_ball: tomorrow from 8:00 Eastern time (14:00 CET) Facebook and Paypal are matching any donations raised on Giving Tuesday via the Facebook platform, up to 7 million USD!! Meaning that tomorrow we will have the chance to triple any donations made to TWB! :sparkles:

Share it, share it, share it!

Thank you :heart:


Today is Giving Tuesday :gift:, an international day of charitable giving. Yet you help us every day, year round. You are translators without borders - because of you, we are able to provide life-saving words to people around the world. Thank you! :heart:

Your dedication is clear. We know you understand better than most why translation matters, so we are hoping you can help us reach our Giving Tuesday goals! For today only, starting at 8:00am US Eastern time (14:00 Central European time), Facebook is matching donations made on Facebook :tada:, up to USD $7 million. If you’ve ever considered making a donation, encouraging your friends to donate, or hosting a fundraiser, today is a great day to do so.

In addition to this, BeatBabel is also matching donations. So, any donations made at the link below will be tripled. These tripled donations, with your help, allow us to respond more quickly to sudden humanitarian crises, or develop language technology that can help people in need. :star2:

Here’s how you can join in this Giving Tuesday:
You can host a fundraiser here. If you would like to have your donation tripled, please donate here.

Thank you!


I’m pleased and honored to have participated in this project.
Many thanks to the Kató Community for their kindness to mention me.
My name is: Ode Laforge.
Warm regards!


:drum: :drum: :drum: @Ei_Ei’s video is out! :tada: Our Burmese Language Lead tell us about her journey with TWB, from being a volunteer to become part of the team.

Ei Ei works everyday to break language barriers in the refugee camps of Bangladesh and, in this video, talks about TWB’s contribution to stopping 2017’s diphtheria outbreak, by translating critical information into Bangla, Burmese and Rohingya. Unfourtunately diphtheria is a sad reality in other parts of the world, so TWB also translated important information about this disease into Arabic, Indonesian, French and Spanish.

A big thank you :heartbeat: to all the translators who contributed to these projects!
@AliMMQE, Amro Alhowbani, Andrea Barrocal Velasco, @Asra, @Aya, Bashaier Allam, @Bettiana, Carolina Carrascosa, Elisabeth Griffin, @ferry_toar, Fransiskus Seta Prana Kusuma, @Gladis, Haboosh Trefi, Halima Moud, Indras Wulandari, Jannette Gonzalez, @Julia, Lidia Lariño, @mak, @MutiaraYasmin, @Noelia, Noureddine Krimat, @Ode, @patriciacassoni, @PATCLIVIO, @Rezwan, @Sabiha, Saleem Habibullah, @Shekhraj, @suzanne.assenat and @Valerie_Catanzaro.

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Our Holiday Season Campaign is still alive and one more video is out! :confetti_ball: This time @Apala, our Bangla Language Lead, tells us about how TWB contributed to monsoon season preparedness in Cox Bazar and how information in the right language can help people staying save! :star_struck:

Apala also shares with us the importance of translation in humanitarian contexts:

Everyday, every time, I translate a word I get the satisfaction that this will provide some critical information to someone and help them take a major decision, a critical decision, about their own life.

Thank you to all the Bangla translators who contribute with their skills to make Rohingya refugees’ lives a bit easier :star2: For these specific projects we would like to leave a note of appreciation to: @ashiks, MD. Mahmud Alam, @Rezwan, @Ridwan, @Shakil and @Zahiduzzanan.
(some translators preferred to remain anonymous)

Please, don’t forget to share the video on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Help us give the gift of live-saving words! :heart:


Thank you, Ana :heart:!
And I cannot mention enough how amazing our Translator team is. Without them, without our team work, we would never be able to help so many people by providing them with information and listening to their needs and expectations.
Thank you, Bangla Team! :star2:


TWB Holiday Campaign was a success thanks to you! :heart:

TWB holiday campaign has now come to an end and we would like to share how successful it was:

:star2: During the past three months our Project Managers stories were watch 6,658 times and shared 81 times!

:star2: We received 312 private denotations, of which we estimate that about 10% were from members of the TWB translator community!

:star2: We raised a huge $36,864.35 over the holiday giving period, smashing our $30,000 target!

These donations are a precious contribute to our work in the field, they will help TWB to better respond immediately to sudden onset crises (like Indonesia’s December earthquakes), build tech tools that specifically help field workers to communicate with affected populations and training interpreters on word choices (for situations like speaking to Rohingya women, for example).

Thank you all for giving, sharing and raising funds on Facebook. It didn’t go unnoticed and we are hugely grateful. :heartpulse:

If you would like to watch the videos once more, you can do it here. :movie_camera: