Translator in TWB

I want to know how can I be part of the TWB team, as I have great passion to volunteer and help translating between Arabic and English if needed.
Could someone please guide me through !!


Hi @Sarah_Rezig1,
welcome to our community! You could start by viewing this useful link for new volunteers:The Kat贸 Translator's Toolkit
I hope this helps!
All the best


Hi @Sarah_Rezig1 welcome to the TWB community! :star2:

As our lovely @faretto5 suggested, our Translator鈥檚 Toolkit will definitely help you to take your first steps with us :blush: There, you鈥檒l find video tutorials on how to claim tasks, use our translation platforms and much more.

Also, I can see that you listed Arabic as your native language; at TWB we encourage translators to translate into their native language. In addition, if you add English to Arabic among your language combinations, you鈥檒l be able to request a translation test directly from your profile to become a Kat贸 Verified Translator.

Thank you for joining us, Sarah! Do let us know if you have any questions :sunflower:


Thanks silivia for your warm welcoming and for providing me with guidance.
However, I also want to know how can I change or add the pair of Language I intend to translate between and whether I can contribute with posting some articles related to the nature of the TWB work.

Thank you.


Hi @Sarah_Rezig1 :blush:

You can add more language combinations by going to your profile and click on the 鈥淓dit Profile Details鈥 button that you see on the top right corner.

That sounds like a nice idea! :star_struck: I believe you could start a new conversation in our Translators Lounge, @JoannaW what do you think?