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Hello, I’m new here.
I’ve been trying to find a project to work in, however, the Kato homepage is showing that there are “no tasks available” for the past week in my target language nor other languages. I’m not sure if that’s happening only with me or there are really no projects available at all. Tell me if it’s normal and you get the same in the homepage or maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Beforehand, thank you.


Hey jessysalazar08
Nice to meet you
I have been facing the same problem my homepage is also not showing any project in my language pair.

Yuvika Kaushik


Hi Jessy, and welcome to our community!

I am sorry you haven’t found tasks recently. I confirm that everything is working fine for you; I see that your profile is complete and you have listed the language pair you can work on correctly. This should help to find the tasks in these language pairs when they are available. If you don’t find tasks, this is only because no tasks are available at the time you are looking.

In general, the availability of tasks varies from time to time, depending on our partners’ requirements. I recommend regularly checking the homepage and the email notifications you may receive; new tasks can be posted in any minute :blush:

Do let me know if you need any further assistance :dizzy:

Hi Yuvika, and welcome to our community!

I see that you listed the language pair Japanese to English in your profile. If you’d like to have access to tasks, I would recommend changing the language pair to make English the source language (as the majority of our projects have English as their source language) and Hindi as a target language (as it’s always recommended that volunteers translate into their native languages). You can also these instructions to sign up to receive email notifications when tasks are available :blush:

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Hey Greetings of the day,

Thankyou so much for your best wishes and your help.

Yuvika Kaushik

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Thank you for clarifying, Aya.

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