Translating online

Dear all,
My first time translating online which is not easy at all.
I need your help:
1.What to do when I have to stop the work for a while to starting it after?
2.Once the translation is complete, what to do next?
3. How to download it to the platform?
Thank you.
Best regards.
Natalia Sarmento.

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Speaking under control

  1. When starting a project, you can stop it and come back later. Normally it is in your “claimed projects” list ;
    2 & 3. It really depends on the instructions you get when accepting the platform.

Hope it helps,


Hello @nataliatraductions, thank you for your questions! @Iris thanks a lot for replying, and you are right! The platform automatically saves all your changes if you are connected to the Internet, so you can simply close the page and come back later, and you will see your translation up to the last change. Please take a look at this topic to get a better idea.
For question 2, please refer to this topic, and this is what to do when you complete the translation.
This is how you can download a task from the platform.
I hope this helps!