Translated document formatting


Hi all,

I’m a newly registered translator and I have a simple question - this may be a really stupid one that becomes obvious as soon as I accept a task but I didn’t want to commit before making sure! A quick search didn’t really turn up any relevant results.

I’ve seen translated documents on the platform as revision tasks and they seemed to have the exact same format as the source document. When translating, are we expected to do anything about the format of the text we’ve translated or is it completely format-neutral and all that work is left to the organisation that requested the translation in the first place?

I’ve had to format translated text before to meet expectations, hence my question. It can be a massive pain.

Thanks (and merry Xmas!)



Hi Sérgio, welcome to TWB! As a general rule translation and revision tasks are conducted online, using our CAT Tool Kató TM, so you don’t need to worry with formatting issues. It is the project manager or the partner’s responsibility to download the document and fix it, if needed.
You can find plenty information about Kató Environment on our Kató Q&A section.
Hope this was useful!


Excellent, thank you :slight_smile: