"Translated" button and TM not working

Hi there,
I have problems by completing my task. When I click on TRANSLATED button, it does not work and I cannot continue translating. I have another problem TRANSLATION MATCHES section is still running and I cannot continue my task.
Can anyone help me? I have to complete this task by 11 January and if I cannot complete my task I cannot upload my translation work and unluckly I have to unclaim task?

Please, can you help me?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Hi @SaverioAm, and welcome to the community! :cherry_blossom:

I can see that some other translators are having the same issue. I’m having the same one as well while working on a translation task, but on a revising one. It seems to be a glitch as it doesn’t usually happen. This will probably be fixed by Monday since we are now beyond TWB team’s working hours.

If you still would like to work on the task during the weekend, there is only one way to go around this. You need to click on the segment’s status after translating it (as you can see in the image) and choose “translated”. Then, click on the next segment on the place specific to the target text, translate it, and again choose translated from the segment’s status and so on. This might be boring though and might take some more time, so if you’d rather not to do so, you can wait till Monday and check if the issue is fixed.

Hope this helps! But please don’t hesitate to ask if you still have further questions. :dizzy:


My translation is entered and stored, although Crtl+Enter or clicking on “Translate” does not move to the next untranslated segment and the progress bar doesn’t change.

I noticed that I have to refresh the webpage so Crtl+Enter / clicking on “Translate” works for one segment. Meaning, I’d have to refresh the webpage for every single segment in order for the progress bar to reflect the work that is actually done.


Hello @Jefferson_Azevedo and welcome to the community! :blossom:

I’ve just moved your post to this thread so you can read my previous reply to our colleague, Saverio. I’m afraid we are all having the same issue here. So if it’s difficult for you to finish your work, perhaps you can wait for the issue to be fixed by tomorrow or Monday. :cherry_blossom:

Let us know if you have any further questions! :dizzy:

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This isn’t a great solution, but I’ve been copying my translated segments to a word document so that I can add them back in if/when they get lost (which happened a couple of times this afternoon). Then, I close and re-open the page; sometimes this marks the sections as complete, but sometimes it just deletes them, hence the need to copy the segments. Not a great solution, but if you’re in a time crunch, it might get you through the document.


Hi there,
I’ve just read your replies. Thank you for replying.

Yesterday, after that I had posted my issue, I tried to reload the web page and then I clicked on TRANSLATED button, and it worked. In order to continue my task I had to reload the web page at each segment and then click on TRANSLATED button, after I had written the translated sentence. Through this solution I could complete my task.


Dear @SalwaAlrifai ,
thank you for this shortcut!
I’m experiencing the same problem with the translation of chunk 3 of Peace Almanac Part 10, but not with the revision of Chunk 1.
initially I thought it was caused by my connection, but then when the revision worked while the translation didn’t I thought it might be a bug.

I’ll proceed with your suggestion.

Thanks a lot,



My computer doesn’t work anymore since 1st January of 2021! :scream:

Fortunately, I have a backup laptop that I had not used for 5 years or so. It is still kind of working and I made sure to update everything. I am using the last version of Chrome right now but I face a bug when trying to translate on Kato:

The translation matches never load and CTRL+Enter and the “Translated” button do not work properly, so I have to click on the bar on the right side and select “Translated” in the menu every time I translate a sentence, which is not very convenient.

Would somebody happen to know how to fix this? :thinking:

Edit: atteints de la COVID-19* of course :wink:


Unfortunately I have exactly the same problem. Perhaps the system is down or something? I cannot continue my translation and have tried on both my computers.


Oh, so it is maybe not because of my old rusty computer!

I just noticed that I am not able to use the TM search either (it keeps loading).


Yes, I suspect it must be on their end, I just tried on another laptop and it is the same problem. Too bad, my deadline is coming up and what do I do now?


Well for now I found this trick: You can just click on the bar on the right side and select “translated” and go manually to the next sentence. It is not convenient but it seems to be working.


I just realised the issue has already been reported in other topics.

Here for instance: Projects not showing progress


Hello dear colleagues and thank you all for your messages and this lovely exchange! :heart:

I’m glad that my previous reply helped you @SaverioAm and @Karina. You’re right Saverio, the “translated” button works only one time once you refresh the page. As @tgabow said, these are not the best solutions but it is all what we can do for the moment. It’s great to hear that you managed to complete your translation this way. :dizzy: Well done! :smiley:

Thank you @Antoine_Wicquart and @evamariawollinger for reporting this issue. l’ve just moved your posts to this thread. :blossom: As you’ve already noticed, this has nothing to do with your devices, it’s a small glitch in the platform and hopefully it’ll be fixed tomorrow. :cherry_blossom:

Regarding the deadline, @evamariawollinger, in case you need more time to complete the translation, please leave a message on the thread specific to the project you are working on asking the Project Officer for a deadline extension due to this glitch. I’m sure they will understand as you’ve already done your best to meet the deadline. Or you can proceed with the translation following the steps our friend, Antoine, has suggested. :sunflower:

I’m sure one of the staff members will let us know once the problem is fixed! But if you have further questions and you think I might be able to help, don’t hesitate to ask! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hello all :hugs:

@SaverioAm, @SalwaAlrifai, @Jefferson_Azevedo, @tgabow @Karina, @Antoine_Wicquart and @evamariawollinger thank you all for your messages and for supporting each other through this. You’re all absolutely right, there was a glitch in Kató TM over the weekend, so the “Translated” button wasn’t working.

I’m very sorry for any confusion this caused! However I believe Kató TM is now back up and running :running_man: :running_woman:

If you still notice any issues, feel free to note them here and we’ll look into it. In the meantime, as @SalwaAlrifai said, if you need deadline extensions post a message in the discussion thread for the project :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for support once again! And I wish you all a very Happy New Year :four_leaf_clover:


I just finished a 900ish words translation, the issue was definitely fixed on my side, I didn’t notice anything wrong :slight_smile: