"This segment has not been translated" - but it has!

This is my first project with TWB and I’m stuck. I am trying to revise a project which has been translated by someone else. I keep getting the message on one segment “This segment is not translated yet. Only translated segments can be revised” - but it has been! The ST is in Italian and the TT is in English, therefore it has been translated. I’ve tried clicking the A+ button as well as the Approved one, I’ve tried clicking the “Open next translated segment” on the pop-up, but nothing works. I can’t make any progress until I can get past this segment. I need to get the revision done within the next 3 days… Thanks for any help you can offer!

Hello Charlotte, thanks for your message. I see that only 40% of the translation has been completed, and you have revised almost all of it. I think that the segments that you are looking at aren’t translated, you only see the TM suggestion for them. Does it make sense? Please wait until the progress bar on the left bottom corner is at 100%, before you start revising the text.
Tagging the PM, my colleague @MiriamTWB, in case she has any other comments.