The Power of Words - what words impact your life?

The Power of Words, our summer fundraising campaign, has just started, and we would love you to get involved. :heartbeat:

Our campaign focuses on specific words that can make the difference between understanding and confusion, between dependence and autonomy, or between fear and safety. Thank you for the time and skills you already dedicate to make sure more people have the words they need to live full and healthy lives! :star2:

As a member of our community, you probably already know that:

  • Words like ndui (vaccine) help people in DRC protect themselves against Ebola.
  • Words like তুওয়ান (cyclone) help Rohingya people in Bangladesh prepare for extreme weather.
  • Words like الأمن (security) help speakers of Levantine Arabic communicate with humanitarian responders.

:sunny: Here’s how you can join our campaign to help more people give the Power of Words:

  • Share your story here! Tell us which words, in your own language or another, have had an impact on your own lives.
  • Donate what you can – Any amount you can donate can make a difference.
  • Accept a new project in our translation platforms and help people communicate and get the information in a language they understand. Their own.
  • Spread the word about our campaign! Share it on social media to help us reach our fundraising goal, or start your own fundraiser on Facebook, and share it with your circles.

The word that impact me in Kanuri language is " Nabtә Nәlewaye" which means Peace in English. I choose this word because my community have suffered devastation as a result of lack peace because of the Boko Haram insurgency in North East Nigeria.


That’s beautiful thank you for sharing with us Abubakar!

For me, there are a few times words have had an impact.

Words like ‘lost’ in German have helped me find my way home. The word ‘lock’ and ‘sick’ helped me out of tight spots when living in Spain.

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