The deadline for the "Translation" task for "Chunk 0 of PSEA PRESENTATION_Hausa" from English into Hausa has expired. If you have completed the task, please make sure the status bar shows 100% on Kató TM here

I just received this email stating that the deadline is passed, I actually mistook the deadline for 23rd of August. In the cause of this, I got assignments from my clients which I had to attend to, hence the delay. But I am free today and will decline any assignment henceforth till I complete this. I am currently at 56%.

Kind regards.

Hi @Sunday, thank you for letting us know :slight_smile: the best place for questions related to a specific project like this one is in the Kató Community topic created for the project. I’ll tag you in a message there so you can see it, and in the future, you can always find it by going to “Claimed Tasks” in your Kató Platform profile, then clicking on the link next to “Discuss this task on Kató Community.”

Thank you for reply cum education.

Hello @Sunday!
Thank you for the update! We can extend the deadline and we look forward to receiving the translation later today.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Kind regards,


Noted, thanks.

Never been this emotional before, this a whole lot for experience for me.

Thanks for the opportunity.

It will be delivered latter today, all things being equal I am at 81% already.

Best regards.


Thank you, @Sunday! We are glad to have you on our team!

Hi @Dace,

I am currently at 97% but I am unable to submit that last but one translation.

Kindly find attached the screenshot and let me know what is wrong and or what I need to do.


Kind regards.

Hi @Sunday!
I am afraid the screenshot is not visible to me, however, I checked the translation and there is one sentence missing, the second segment from the beginning: Ensure that participants can identify potential vulnerabilities to sexual abuse and exploitation within multi-sectoral programs, and are able to suggest concrete strategies to prevent and respond to these vulnerabilities. If it doesn’t work on your side, perhaps you can paste the translation here and I will see if it can be saved?

I have been able to submit the last segment and it indicated how do I submit the final project?

The project is completed and has shown 100%, whats next.

Hi @Sunday, thank you for your work on this task! Your last step now is just to submit it. You can see how to do that in Step 3 of these instructions, or you can view our video tutorial here. (Note that the button you’ll need to click will say “Mark Chunk Complete,” not “Submit Completed Task” because it was a chunk of a larger project.)

Hi @oliviathayer,

I have been able to follow the step and have the project submitted.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this. I will love to contribute my quota as often as I am available.


Hi @Sunday, I see your task has been completed and submitted, thank you! We are happy to have you in our community :tada: