Thank you for participating in our Pashto and Dari Language Weeks!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Pashto and Dari Language Weeks!

Here’s a recap of what we did:

  • :man_office_worker: Pashto and Dari style guides. You can find the Pashto Style Guide recording here (passcode: $$9&G=@d), and the Dari Style Guide recording here (passcode: nYdkB9.e).

  • :trophy: Pashto and Dari translation contests, see the winners here!

  • :woman_teacher: Learn more about the work that Internews and TWB have done, thanks to our volunteer community - you can find the webinar here (Passcode: 4W0S&isc)

  • Everyone who participated in our language week activities will receive a certificate over the coming weeks! :medal_sports:

Pashto and Dari Language Weeks in numbers:

  • :man_technologist::woman_technologist: 50 participants

  • :speech_balloon: 2 new style guides

  • :man_office_worker::woman_office_worker: 6 webinars

  • :trophy: 25 translations submitted

  • :white_check_mark: 13 newly verified translators

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and everyone in the TWB community! We couldn’t do it without you :sparkles:

Please let us know what you thought about our Pashto and Dari Language Weeks, giving us your feedback here. Even if you didn’t participate, we value your feedback to make our next language weeks even better! :heart_decoration: