Tasks deadlines

I would like to suggest that, when a task that already had available to translation for more than/or twenty days unclaimed until 10 days or less to deadline, its were automatically extended, with the agreement of the client, of course.


Hello Claudia, thanks a lot for your input, always very much appreciated. For what I have seen, the overdue tasks are not always still needed after a certain date, and I would say this is the main reason for not extending them automatically, and we always prefer to check with the partner first. We wouldn’t want volunteers to spend their valuable time on a task that it is no longer needed. I would be curious to know if PMs agree with this, or if they have any other ideas. @LouiseF or @Paulina, what do you think?

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@ambra Yes, extending automatically is a bit tricky because partners absolutely need to be informed and consent to any deadline changes on their projects. So unfortunately, we always have to wait for their decision before we can extend deadlines. But thanks for your suggestion, @Kakau!

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Hi @ambra and @Paulina.
I let that suggestions for occasion of my first task here and I’ve received an email about that.
It was a large task and I don’t knew how to proceed. It was a PDF task unclaimed and on these parameters that I wrote.
More than 20 days unclaimed and less than 10 days to deadline.
Today I know how to proceed in that case, but others new users can be confused about that.
Maybe could be created a topic about that matter, clarifying how to proceed to ask for an extension of deadlines in the special cases like that.
It will be useful as well.
Thanks for considering my suggestions.


Hi, I am really having a difficult time with tasks, especially on this platform. When I claim a task, it directs me here and then it vanishes, or I am not able to access it. Unlike the TWB work space

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Hi @Sarah, thank you for reaching out, I know it can take some time to get used to Kató Platform.

It looks like you’ve been able to successfully claim tasks, but I’ll link a video tutorial here just in case :slightly_smiling_face:

Once you’ve claimed a task, you can find it in the Claimed Tasks tab of your Kató Platform profile. To begin translating, click the green “Translate using Kató TM” button. You can also find a short video tutorial to learn more about using Kató TM here.

Once you’re finished translating, this page gives you instructions and screenshots to help you submit your task.

I hope this helps, but we’re always here to answer questions if there’s anything you need! :sparkles:

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I wasn’t sure about writing here, but here it is. I finished a couple of tasks last week and I’m still getting emails saying they are overdue. I have checked them several times and the progress bar shows in green. Unless there is something I’m missing, I suppose there’s an error? Thank you for reading!

Hi @Aline, thanks so much for reaching out! This issue is typically due to tasks being complete but not submitted. If you click on your “Claimed Tasks” on Kató Platform, you’ll see a green button that says either “Submit Completed Task” or “Mark Chunk Complete.” Click those buttons, and you will be directed to a series of instructions to submit your task. If you get stuck, we also have a video tutorial available. :slight_smile:

One last thing: did you know that each project on Kató Platform has its own forum topic here on Kató Community? Posting your question on the page specific to your task can often help us see your question and answer it more quickly. To find it, simply click the link next to your task that says “Discuss this task on Kató Community.”

Thanks again for reaching out, and please let us know if you have any other questions! :sparkles:

Thank you very much! I hadn’t had to do that before when revised other documents. Now I know I meed to check that part in my claimed tasks. I could submit one but when I click on the other (any button) it says there was an error. That happened last week too with the same project.

Hi @Aline, thank you for letting me know! Just to clarify, you receive an error message when you click “Submit Completed Task,” is that right? I’m tagging my colleague @Jessicai here who should be able to help us find a solution :slight_smile:

Hi! Yes, that’s when it marks the error. Thank you so much for your help!:blush:

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Hi Aline, thank you for your question. I have cheched and your task is 100% complete on the Dianova project. Let us please try to find a solution for the technical issue.

Good Morning,

How can I accept a translation task please_

Hi @Josue_Jonathan! Thank you for reaching out :slight_smile: Have you seen our Welcome Pack yet? There you’ll find lots of useful links to help you get familiar with Kató Platform, and I’ll include a few particularly helpful ones below:

  • This link will help you learn more about finding and claiming tasks.
  • This video tutorial gives you some tips on using our translation interface, Kató TM.
  • This page has instructions and screenshots about completing tasks on Kató.
  • If you need extra help submitting a task, this page contains video tutorials that may help.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Please I need deadline extension. The task I claimed keeps showing a blank page.

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Hi @Sarah, thank you for reaching out. :slight_smile: I’ll tag @Dace to let her know that you’ve requested a deadline extension.
I checked the tasks you claimed and could not see the issue you are reporting. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Kató Platform, I know it can be difficult at first! Have you seen our Welcome Pack for Kató Translators? It contains lots of helpful links, including this tutorial to help you get more familiar with Kató’s translation platform, Kató TM.
For future reference, please remember that you can find a specific thread in this forum for each task you claim. Posting there will guarantee you a faster reply :slight_smile: Here is the thread of the tasks you claimed.
Please feel free to reach out to me if the problem persists!

Thank you very much, @claudiam, for the guidelines, super helpful :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you are facing issues with platform! Could you please clear cache & cookies?
It may help. Here is how it is done:

Please do let us know if the issues are solved and what deadline would you propose.

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