Task Revoked

A few days ago I claimed an English-Portuguese-PT translation task and received the following messages, on the platform: “Warning - The task could not be assigned, likely not found on memsource”; in the e-mail: “Your task on Kató Platform has been revoked. The “Translation” task for 1 Vaccine fact series_immunity from English into Portuguese will be made available to other translators. You are unable to reclaim this task and it will no longer appear in the list of your available tasks”.
Although I didn’t understand why, that’s fine. However, the task is still shown in my “Home”, as available for translation/unclaimed.


Lúcia Falcão


Hi Lucia,

I also find it strange, but maybe the reason is that the task was into European Portuguese and your profile states that your are a native Brazilian translator?
Sometimes it happens.

Though, I do think you should have received same explanatory e-mail before being unassigned.

I hope you get some feedback on this!

Have a wonderful rest of the day,


Hi @Lucia_Falcao and thank you for letting us know about this issue.

I looked into it and I could see that the task you claimed was actually a kind of “mini task” that was prepared for system testing purposes, we were about to unpublish the task but you were a bit quicker in claiming it :sweat_smile: I meant to say that the task was revoked then because it’s not a task that needed actual translation

We’re sorry about that! but we want you to feel comfortable that there’s nothing wrong from your side, and you’ll surely have the chance to find new tasks soon :innocent:

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Hi Cristina,

I don’t think that’s the problem, because although I’m a native Brazilian translator, I also do ENG-PT-PT translations, by the way, most of my translations are in this language pair.

Thanks for your reply.


Hi @Aya.Alrifai,

Sorry for being faster than you. :blush: :blush:

I’m delighted there’s nothing wrong with me.
Well, would it be possible to exclude the task from my list of available tasks? She is still being displayed.

Thanks for your feedback.

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No worries! We’ve unpublished the task so it doesn’t appear on the homepage now :innocent:

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