Task completed, downloaded

Please help newbies find their way around. Where are my claimed tasks?

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I’m lost too, I hope someone helps us!

Hi @Caroline2 and @AlejandraSantillan! Thank you for reaching out, we are always happy to help :slight_smile:

You can access your claimed tasks by visiting your Kató Platform profile and clicking on “Claimed Tasks” at the top of the page. It will automatically show you any tasks you have in progress, but you can select “Any Task Status” or “Complete” from the Task Status dropdown menu to see older tasks.

If you have questions about a specific task as you’re working on it, I highly recommend going to your claimed task and clicking on the link next to “Discuss this task on Kató Community.” This will take you to the forum topic for your specific task where we can answer your question more quickly, and you’ll sometimes find that other volunteers have asked the same question as you. In addition, this is also where PMs occasionally share important information related to your task, such as glossaries, graphics, and clarification on terminology.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few links that should help you find your way around Kató Platform and the translation interface, Kató TM, but please reach out again anytime you’re feeling lost!

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Hi Olivia. I can do that, but I can’t see the proofreading tasks I claimed in the old platform, and are available there!
Should I do the work there?

Hi @AlejandraSantillan, I’m sorry for the confusion, I think I understand your question now.

Yes, at the moment, we are using two different translation environments: the TWB Workspace, which is provided by ProZ.com, and Kató Platform, which we have been using since we merged with The Rosetta Foundation in June 2017.

Unfortunately, the two platforms are not integrated with each other, which means that tasks claimed on one platform cannot be completed on the other. We understand that this is not ideal, and we are working on moving all of our tasks, as well as translators’ work history, to Kató Platform, and eventually it will be the only environment we use. Even though these two platforms are separate, whenever a volunteer requests recognition via our Recognition Program, we always take into account work performed on both platforms.

I hope this helps, but please feel free to reach out again with any other questions! :star2:

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Did my Revision proj-10465/fr-FR-en-US/4294-594879016985#755538 get submitted okay? :upside_down_face:

Hi @Caroline2, it looks like you’ve successfully submitted your revision task! Thank you for your help on this project! :star2:

:slightly_smiling_face:Thank you Olivia.

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