Tags and Symbols

I am having difficulties with tags and symbols within the segments. In Arabic, we write from right to left. I am trying to insert the symbol ⇥ (Rightwards Arrow To Bar) but it was pointing at the wrong direction. It popped the message “Symbol mismatch”, I did switch it to ⇤ (leftwards Arrow To Bar) to point to the tags but still got the same message “Symbol mismatch”. How can I fix this problem?

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You need to avoid copying the tab mark from the source text. Just use the tab button on your keyboard. Take a look to this thread and to this Arabic_Style Guide V2.1.pdf. You can find how to handle tags and symbols on page 9.

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Thank you for a quick response. I don’t copy the tags, I usually use alt+t to insert it. My problem is with the symbol (Rightwards Arrow To Bar).

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OK, I see. Well then try to use the button on your keyboard. If the problem persists and you believe that there are no errors, then just ignore the “Symbol mismatch” message for the moment, (note that sometimes it seems to the system as if an error was found while there is not).

When you finish translating or revising you can download the translation and make sure that everything appears the way it should in the Word format. If there are any errors, then just simply correct them and upload the final version of the file.

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Thank you, that is really helpful. I will download and check it when I am done.


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@Mary5 please do get in touch if you don’t manage to fix the issue and we’ll do our best to guide you
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