Tag order mismatch due to actual ortographic rules mismatch

Hallo everybody,

I am revising my first text here in Kato for TWB and I am a bit lost when it comes to the formatting tags. Maybe I missed it but where can I find the actual meaning of the different tag numbers? This was just an introductionary question, that is basically not the real issue.

Here the actual reason for this post: I am facing a tag order mismatch in one of the translated texts:

I am struggling to accept the translators proposal for 2 reasons. First of all I do not understand which change in format is performed by the tag. I guess it will be putting „th“ up as it is an English standard. But if so it should be fine to remove this kind of tag without having any notification about tag mismatch or tag order mismatch as in German (the target language at hand) we use an unformated „.“ instead of the superscripted „th“.

Does anybody know how to handle this issue so the system does not mark it as a mismatch and at the same time the copy will be displayed in the correct format?

I hope someone can help to clarify!


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