Tag mismatch alert: Help needed!


Hello. I get a tag mismatch alert but cannot find either any tag missing or any extra one in the translated text. Could you please advise what I should do as the text in that segment still appears in source language in the final docx. Could it be a system error? Many thanks in advance for your assistance. Silvia



Hello there, that kind of alert might be due, for example, to a space between the < and the g - like this: < g id=…>. I’d suggest you to compare your source and target segments and check the differences. Another thing is that, sometimes, reviewers can check a translators’ work. So don’t panic with that, I am sure the reviewer will be able to get that sorted out for you.

Hope I helped you,

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Dear @Silvia1,

Thank you for your questions.
Complementing what @Iris said (thanks a lot for helping as well), generally the TM says what kind of error it is, whether it’s space, mismatch and so on.
Please check the following thread, it can also help you. Handling tags and untranslatable segments on Kató TM

And please let us know if you have further questions.
If you won’t be able to solve, I ask you to kindly share the link of the project you are having those problems so I can take a closer look.




Dear Louise

Many thanks to you and to @Iris for your feedback. Eventually, I managed to get it to work and to complete my assignment.

Thanks again. Silvia



Hello, can you please help me to solve the same problem, I tried so many times to solve Tag’s problems but unfortunately i couldn’t.



Hello Mai,

Actually it’s very simple. What I advise you, is to have a look at your target field (the right part of your screen). Just under a number of fields - where you should type in your translation - there are buttons like the one in the picture I show you here.

Normally you just have to click there…and the tags will show up :wink:

Hope I helped,

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Hello Iris,
thanks for your help but, I did that and all the tags are in the corresponding places however, the message that there is a problem is persistent.
Thanks in advance,



Another tip might be to “copy paste” your translation, meaning erasing it, then retyping it. Furthermore, beware of not having spaces within your tag, like this: < g id = “1” >.

It will me marked as different from the tag in the source. :wink:

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Hello @Mai2

Here’s the tip I got from my project manager. It actually worked very well and solved my issue:

  1. Copying the translation without the tags
  2. Copying source to target Ctrl + L (This would overwrite whatever you had in the translation box.)
  3. Paste the translation copied

Hope it works for you too.
Best. Silvia

PS: You may still get an alert message but when downloading the translated task no segments will be missing.



Hello Silvia,
Thanks for your assistance,let me share with you my project manager’s advice:" Let m share a little trick: start from the very first tag, delete it, and insert it again. Continue doing so until you have replaced all the tags in a segment. Sometimes, for some reason, the platform doesn’t recognize one tag and it keeps showing an error."
This advice worked well finally.

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