Submitting a completed task

Dear all,

I have completed the claimed task, made sure the progress indicated 100% and clicked on the Mark chunk complete as per the instructions. Still, I received a reminder that the task is not completed even though it was submitted 2 days prior to the deadline. Kindly look into this and let me know.
Thank you for your support.

Hi @Tatijana, thank you for reaching out! I believe you are referring to your task for this project, is that right?

There are a few extra steps to follow after clicking “Mark Chunk Complete,” which you can see in this tutorial.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thank for your support Olivia,

I have now submitted the translation.


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Hi everyone!
I’ve finished my translation, the status bar shows 100% on Kató TM but then…What do I have to do to “inform” that I’ve finished?
Thanks in advance.


If I were you, I would friendly advise the staff whenever I finish an assignment. Normally, you have a link associated to each project, just after the passage “Discuss on community”…Hope I helped,


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Hi @Jorgelina! Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: If you’ve finished your task, you can click the green “Mark Chunk Complete” button. You can also find more detailed instructions, including screenshots, here.

Also, as @Iris says, every task has its own forum topic in Kató Community, which you can find by clicking on the link under “Discuss this task on Kató Community.” You can find the discussion for your current task here.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

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I have just completed my first translation task. I followed the tutorial to upload the document and assume I have done it correctly but I did nothing with the actual KATO TM translation document. What do I do now with the document in KATO TM?

Thank you


Hi there, I see that the document is successfully translated on Kato TM, there is nothing else you have to do, we will be able to find your translation and use it. Thanks a million!

I have a problem, in my review task, there are no more pending segments, they are all approved, however I cannot finish the activity because the bar appears to me at 99.91%, even though there is nothing pending.

Hello! You have many tasks in progress at the moment - thanks a lot. But I can’t know which is the revision task you are talking about. Could you please let us know, or even better, try and post the message in the corresponding thread? This is how you can find the right thread to post a message for the project you are working on (video tutorial )
We had some tech issues in the last few days and the thread might be missing. If that’s the case, just let us know the name of the task here :slight_smile:

HI vple2!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I see only one translation in your profile called “Stretch your Dollar”. Is this task you are referring to?



I finish the revising task and the all task bar looks green but I can’t submit. I don’t know what to do and the deadline has pasted.

Please help.

Hi Bashi,
I’m happy to help :smiley: could you please post this in the thread related to the task so we can tell you how to proceed? Thanks

Hi again :blush:
I just thought this video tutorial could be helpful for you to learn how to find the right the thread

I’ve completed my task but my status is still “in progress”.
How do you validate the work once completed?
Many thanks,

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Hi @Papattesdepied!
You can find the introctions on how to submit a task on this thread:

I hope this helps:-)


i have comleted task on kato tm so how i can submit to you?

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Great news @shamhusen20! To submit tasks, simply follow the instructions in this video tutorial. Let us know if you have any issues :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support Mohammedsham!


I revised a chunk and got 100% with green, but the Submit Claimed Task is not there when I go to submit it on Claimed Tasks. How can I submit it? It only shows Revise Using Kato TM,Task Reviews, Unclaim Task.


Hi @aayaska,
welcome to our community. In the instance you are describing, you might need the help of the staff. However, they will possibly reply on Monday, as they don’t usually work on weekends.
I hope this helps.