Spanish as a target language - is it only Spanish MX?


One of my language pairs is English into Spanish (ES) but I always get tasks available into Spanish (MX). Can anyone confirm if the only variant of Spanish required here is from Mexico or is there also a need sometimes for Spanish from Spain?

Thanks in advance, guys !

Hi, @Gemma1! The question of language variants is a tricky one, but I believe you will find that we do sometimes have translations for ES Spanish as well. Also, while we generally prefer that translators translate into the variant they speak, I believe that in some cases, you can claim tasks that are for translation into another Spanish variant (if you feel comfortable doing so), as most tasks will be revised by a native speaker of the target variant. If you ever have doubts about claiming a specific project, feel free to reach out to me or the task’s Project Manager and we will be happy to guide you :slight_smile:

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