Solving translation conflicts on Kató TM

Translation conflicts mean there is the same sentence or word on other parts of the document with a different translation. Those are shown in the translation matches under the segment with the conflict. It is great for consistency so please pay attention to them.


Hi, there!

I am working on a translation, and a translation conflict pops up. What happens if I don’t agree with that translation? I don’t want to translate ‘blood donors’ as ‘donadores de sangre’, but as ‘donantes de sangre’, as it is a more spread concept in Spanish.
Or should I just stick with it in order to finish the translation?

Hi Maria, thank you for your interesting question. I believe you are talking about Chunk 11 of Modules 11 & 12: Prevención de violencia & Donación Voluntaria de sangre? I agree that “donante” is the most common word, at least here in Spain. @Dona, can you please advise on this matter? I ser that the translation is complete already, but it would be good to know for future reference.

Hi Maria,

Thank you for raising this!

There is no specific instructions from the Red Cross for this specific term, however, we have found out that “donantes” has been used three times in the following reference material:

We will re-check this term on the revision stage, so thank you for flagging it, Maria!

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Hello everyone,

I am working on a translation, and I have finished it but it can’t be completed to 100 because of translation conflict note… how can I solve this problem??

Many thanks to you.


Hi @Lilav_Alarashi and welcome to our community !
Probably one of the staff will reply shortly. Anyway, let’s tag our kind @Silvia_Mauri. I hope this helps.


Hi @Lilav_Alarashi thanks for reaching out to us!

There was a glitch in the system, now I’ve forced completion of the task so you can go ahead and submit it as you normally would :nerd_face:

Thanks for your support, Lilav! Have a great weekend :sunflower:


Thank you very much for your help.