Segments all green but still 93 words TO-DO

Hi everyone, I just finish revising a task. I am pretty sure that I approved all the segments,(all green after each segments) but it says still 93 words todo. After clicking TO-DO, it shows like this.

Since it’s not 100%, I can’t upload the complete task.

Did anyone have the same situation? Do you know how to deal with this?

Thank you very much,


Hi @Cecilia_Duan :slight_smile:
I seem to understand that you’ve fixed this. Is that correct? Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Sorry I didn’t fix at last. I still need help!
Because once it shows 100% but after refresh the page, it’s still 93 words to-do.
I still want the topic being showed.
Thank you very much.

So what should I do now.
Because this task already passed the deadline and I can’t upload it.
Should I unclaim it?

Hi @Cecilia_Duan :slight_smile:
Could you please post this query in the relevant thread (you can learn how to do it by watching this video tutorial ) or at least let me know which project you’re referring about? I have checked your Claimed Tasks and can’t find a task which is 100% complete. Did you unclaim it by any chance? I’d be happy to fix the issue for you, it could be a glitch of Kató TM. Let me know :sunny:

Hi @_carolina,
Thank you very much for your reply. Actually I sent an email to Paulina and she submitted the task for me. And she said probably it was just a technical glitch. Have a nice day:)

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