Saving partially completed task and picking up from there

Hello TWB Translators,

I’m new to here, so please excuse me if I’m repeating the question someone has asked before. I wonder if it is only a Word-file format that I can save my incomplete task on my comp or other options are available? I just want to make sure my work won’t have been lost by the time I’m back to complete it.

One more question: How do I skip to the next translation segment without hitting “Translated” or Ctrl+Enter? I notice the next segment is inaccessible unless I confirm the previous one is translated.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Natalia, can I please check why you want to save incomplete task files on your computer? All the work you do is automatically saved if you use, as you should, our CAT tool Kato TM. As long as you click on the translated button or Ctrl+Enter every time you edit a segment, you don’t have to worry about your work being lost. You can even close the window and come back to it days after: your progress will be there.

It’s definitely possible to skip a segment. I think you just have to scroll up or down with your mouse :mouse: and click on the next segment you want to translate. Does it work for you?

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Hi Ambra,

Thanks for your reply. To answer your question -

Hi Natalia, can I please check why you want to save incomplete task files on your computer? All the work you do is automatically saved if you use, as you should, our CAT tool Kato TM.

Well, I guess it’s just me being paranoid about keeping the fruits of my labour safe and my resulting habit to back up everything multiple times.

As for scrolling down with my mouse, this bit doesn’t work for me for some reason. Any segment below the current one I’m translating gets unlocked for translation only once I’ve hit “Translate” on the current one. Can it be bcz it’s my very first task?.. Hardly so.

Also, if you please would be so kind to answer: what is the best way to edit a TM file under this tool?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, thanks for the quick reply. Indeed, if you want to save your progress offline then, the only thing you can do is to download the file, and the format of the file will change according to the format of the source file. I hope it makes sense!

I just tried to click and edit random segments from the link/section assigned to you, and I can normally do it. You should be able to, too. Are you clicking on the blank box on the right side of the screen, where your translation should go? You only need to do that and the segment should be available for you. If that doesn’t work, maybe you could send me a screenshot or record a video of what you see?

I’m afraid I don’t get your last questions, sorry about that. Could you please clarify? :confused:

Thank you for your replies, once again, Ambra.

Unfortunately clicking on the right boxes (blank segments) didn’t work for me throughout the Chunk 0 of my translation, even though it was exactly what I would do repeatedly. Will see how it works with the next one - Chunk 2.

RE editing a TM file (which is downloadable as a .tmx file) - any suggestions as to how to check in for errors? I can only open it from my Note, mixed with the code, so it’s very inconvenient to read. In memoQ, for instance, one can conveniently editor TMs, my question was about doing this with help of this tool.

It’s nothing urgent though, just trying to get a bit more orientation around here.

Thanks again.
Natalia :sunny:

Hi Natalia, I am very surprised to hear that you can’t work on the chunks you want, if it happens with other links and translations, can you please let me know here (but please do provide the link to the task).

Regarding editing a TM file, I really have no idea since I never work with that area of the translation process, but I am tagging my colleague @Manuel who maybe will have some more ideas.