Russian translators, we need you!


We are looking for Russian translators who can translate at least 1000 words by Friday 26th of October. We are translating Internews’ Code of Conduct and we are gathering a small team of translators to complete it by the end of next week. If you are interested, please leave a message in this thread and don’t forget to include my colleague @Narges and @AnaC. They will get back to you first thing on Monday!


Yes,I am interesting to joining with you .


Hello @Aliaa, thank you for your interest! I checked the language combinations in your profile and it seems you translate English<>Arabic, while this project is only for English to Russian. Tagging @AnaC so she can thank you as well :slight_smile:


Hi @Aliaa, thank you so much for your interest in this project. As @ambra said, we were only needing Russian translators. Hope we can work together very soon!