I´m new…and I donpt know how to understand all the signs that don´t represent a letter or some kind of punctuation…where can I find this information?

For example, I´m doing a revision and I see little triangles…and in the track changes, it says: . WHat does that mean??? :frowning:

Thank you!

Hi Emilie,
@Emilie4, please have a read this post as it explains about the tag. Hope it will be helpful: Handling tags and untranslatable segments on Kató TM


Hi @Emilie4 and @Thang_Lian thank you both for your messages! :star2: Emilie, did you manage to figure it out with the Link from Thang? If you need more information on how to use Kató TM here are a few links you may find useful - video tutorial, FAQs, Do’s and Don’ts.


Hi Johanna,

I´ve read it again…and I think I understood. To be honest, it´s my first time and it´s a little confusing. I don´t think I should have taken a task with such a short deadline…but I guess it´s normal! I´m struggling to understand/remember the technical details…but it will get better. :slight_smile. I´ve already sent another question. :slight_smile:

Hi Emilie, I see that you have completed the task, congratulations!! :tada: I understand it can seem overwhelming at first, but I’m sure you will get the hang of it very quickly :wink: