Revision task glitch

Hi, I’ve finished working on my revision task, but it says there are 100 more words to go and I can’t submit it.
All the bars are green, not blue, in the project, and I’ve clicked on the “to-do” button only to get a
“This part has not been assigned to you” message, with no new lines.
I’m hoping someone can help me out with this issue.
The project number is 21514-25351.
Also, the deadline is only 2 hours away, so the project will probably go overdue. Please take this into account as well.

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Hi @yongh96, I’ve had this happen too - it’s apparently some kind of glitch on the platform. Have you contacted the project manager? They should be able to force the task to complete and help you with the deadline. Good luck!


Hi @yongh96 thanks for your message :slight_smile: I replied to your message in the other thread :wink: