Revising task - 3 questions

I have accepted my first revising task. I have three questions :

  1. Do I have to justify the corrections or make comments ?

  2. In French, apostrophe and quotation marks are different from the ones in English, do you correct them or do you leave them.

  3. Once you start revising in Kato TM, is it possible to close the job temporarily and re-open it later?

Thanks for your time


Hi @Johanne1, thank you so much for your thorough work on this task! In general, you only need to make changes, but you are free to leave comments if you feel they are necessary. However, the comments will usually not be visible to the translator if you’re working on a revising task, only the PM. And yes, as long as you’re connected to the internet, your work on Kató TM will save automatically, so you can close and re-open the window anytime.

As for the punctuation questions, I’ll tag the PM for the project you’re working on to alert her to your message. Just for future reference, each project on Kató Platform also has its own Kató Community topic where you can ask questions like this one. We’ll usually be able to help you faster that way :slight_smile:

The Kató Community topic for the task you’re currently working on is here, but in general, you can find it by going to your Claimed Tasks on Kató Platform and clicking the link next to “Discuss this task on Kató Community.”