Revising and tracking changes on Kató TM

Kató TM, the TWB translation memory, has a track changes feature for editing which shows the changes made to the sentence in green and red. You can also select the type of correction made between different sections: Tag issues, Translation errors, Terminology and Consistency, Language quality and Style.


Hello. I´ve just claimed my first task. It´s a revision and it´s called CHUNK 1 “…”.
Now, I´ve just clicked on it and it looks like the document opened randomly (in th middle of the text), on one segment that seems to be “not translated yet”. How do I know what my part is? How do I know which “chunk” I have to revise? Or is the link only for MY translation, which means that I have to revise it all?
If so, the segment that isn´t translated would be just an omission?
Thank you,

Hi Emilie, congratulations on your first task! The TM will only let you revise phrases belonging to the chunk you claimed, so you don’t need to worry about it. Just revise what the system allows you to :slight_smile:

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