Reviser introduced errors into translation

Good morning. I hope you’re safe and well in these uncertain times.

I recently completed a Spanish>English translation, “El derecho al cuidado en el marco de la crisis sanitaria global - English”, which has been revised. I have just been onto the platform to download the revised version and I feel the need to express my concern at the reviser’s amendments.

They have introduced many errors throughout my translation which really worry me, and I do not believe the reviser is a native speaker given the nature of the changes. There are now inconsistencies in the file, phrases translated literally which do not make any sense in English, mistranslations, grammatical errors, and the overall quality has been seriously compromised. (I can provide examples if you would like, there are lots).

As a general question, are revisers’ suggestions automatically accepted before delivering the translations? In this case, I feel it necessary to point out that I would rather the revisions be disregarded before delivery, before the client gets in touch which their feedback and before the revised segments are entered into the TM. I’m not averse to feedback whatsoever, however these revised changes are objectively incorrect, I’m afraid.

If you need any more information, or if there is anything more I can do at this stage, please do let me know. (Also, apologies if this is not the correct place to post my feedback, however the Kató Community page for this specific project does not seem to exist).

Thank you for your help!

Hi if that helps I am native Spanish speaker and also work as a paralegal on contracts and legal documents. I am happy to have a look if you want me to.

Hi Naty, thank you very much for your reply and for offering to help.

The translation was more an article than a legal document, and the corrections were not to specialist terminology. My concern is with the introduction of objective mistakes to the English, rather than a misunderstanding of the Spanish source text, however thank you for offering to help in any case.

I have highlighted a few “corrections” below:

  • “The astonishing and speed of the spread” - ‘astonishing’ is not a noun.
  • “labour, organisation, feminisation” (UK spellings) left as they are, but in other instances “labor, mobilization, realize” (US spellings) - these should either all be left as they were originally, or all localised.
  • “These mobilizations overlaps with” - ‘mobilizations’ overlap, not overlaps, wrong verb conjugation.
  • “[…A…] al cual suma […B…]” corrected to “[…A…] which add to […B…]” - it is the secondary clause […B…] which contributes to the primary clause […A…], and not as per the reviser’s amendment.
  • “Being visible the configuration of care” - literal translation word-for-word of the Spanish and is not natural in English.
  • “An activity that lets to attend” - as above, incorrect English and literal translation.
  • “Without to date” - as above, not natural in English.
  • “On it turn” - as above, does not mean anything in English.
  • “This give accounts for” - incorrect verb conjugation in English and rather stilted language.
  • “[name] is a PhD from” - you ‘have’ a PhD, it is incorrect to say you ‘are’ a PhD.
  • “[name] specializes in economic, social, cultural, gender perspective and public policies rights” - the word ‘rights’ needs to come after the word ‘cultural’. ‘Gender perspective’ and ‘public policies’ are separate specialisms.

There are also other amendments throughout my translation, though as these are merely stylistic preferences, I do not feel the need to point these out. I would be very grateful, however, if the errors introduced at the revision stage could be reverted before delivery of my translation.

I don’t suppose there is any way I can access my translation again in Kató to undo the reviser’s work, is there?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @luke_martin56, thanks for flagging this. We will follow up internally and let you know. Thanks again.

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