"Revise using Kató TM" button not available

Hello, dear team!

I am writing to let you know about a glitch that I have for a revision task.
The “Revise using Kató TM” button doesn’t seem to be available when I want to carry out the revision.

Is there any possibility to fix it myself?

Thank you very much for your time!

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Hi Fabianaz,

I hope you are doing well. :slight_smile:

It could be a glitch Or the translation of the task is not completed yet.

I will tag the amazing @Silvia_Mauri to check that for you as she always help! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: (Thanks in advance Silvia)

Kind regards,


Hi @FabianaZ,
the problem in this case would most probably be that the translator did not use Kato TM. In this case you need to click on “Submit Completed Task”. On the following page you will have the option at the bottom left to download the latest version of the file as well as the original file.
After you finish, from the same page you will be able to upload your revision.
You might as well wait for the best reply by our lovely @Silvia_Mauri after the we as our kind @Dalia1 suggested.
All the best and have a great we! :star:


Hi @FabianaZ thanks for your message! And thanks @faretto5 and @Dalia1 for pinning me and for supporting your fellow translators :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I believe that in this case the translation wasn’t completed yet - there was just one segment to be marked as translated - so that’s why you couldn’t access it. Now you can go ahead and review it on Kató TM as you normally would :raised_hands:

In case you see that a translation test hasn’t been completed in Kató TM, you can follow these instructions:

  1. You click “Unclaim Task”, leave a message to let us know the translator did not work in Kató TM.
  2. Then click “Submit Feedback”, rather than clicking “Unclaim task and submit feedback”.

This way, the task will remain in your claimed tasks, but we will get the notification, and we will contact the translator to let them know. If the translator completes the task within a week, we will let you know when it’s available for revision. If they don’t, we will remove the task from your claimed tasks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support, Fabiana! :star2:Let me know if you have any questions or comments :slight_smile:

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