Reviewing test translations

Hello everyone! :wave:
I was wondering how test translations, those that people submit to become verified, are being reviewed and who reviews them? Lately, I have been involved in a lot of translation and proofreading training at work and wanted to see whether by reviewing test translations I could help the community in a different way? :mag: :scroll: Thanks all.
Best, Laura :hugs:


Hi @Laura15,

If I understood your question, you would like to revise the translation tests, wouldn’t you?

As far as I know the TWB team will contact you by email if you meet some specific requirements, such as delivering high-quality work (that’s what they told me).

I’m going to tag @Silvia_Mauri and @JoannaW maybe they can explain in a better way how this works.


Hi @Laura15 :wave:

The translation tests are reviewed by our Kató Senior Translators, who are reliable volunteers that have continuously delivered good quality translations and contributed many words over time :sparkles:

We regularly check for volunteer translators who meet these requirements and reach out to ask whether translators would be interested :grinning:

My advice to you is to keep up the great work that you’re doing in your language pairs and we will keep an eye out for volunteers who meet the requirements :wink:

Thank you @Alex9 for your guidance too :hugs:


Thank you both @Alex9 and @charlotte1 for your detailed answers. You answer exactly what I was after.

I’ll take your advice for now and keep translating/revising in my language pairs :speech_balloon: :computer: