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I have just read the revised document for a translation project I recently participated in. And though the revisor gave me pretty bad ratings, my chunk of the document is pretty much untouched (which, I guess, means I did do a good job). Is there a way to request another rating?


Hi, I did not yet get the chance to be part of projects. But unfortunately, the procedures make it optional to leave a constructive feedback after revision and rating.

I hope revisers be more motivated on leaving feedbacks.

I hope you get the feedback you need @carolinajusta to move forward and improve, the TWB team will surely not leave you unsupported, and another project is lurking around TWB corners for you @carolinajusta :wink:.

May you all have a good day ommunity fellows…


Hi, @carolinajusta, I don’t know the answer to your question, unfortunately, but I did want you at least know that this happens to all of us! I know that doesn’t fix the problem, but if it makes you feel any better, you’re certainly not alone. I hope you have a lovely day/evening, and I hope you can continue to enjoy working with TWB!


Good morning, @carolinajusta :sun_with_face:

Answering to your question: yes, there is. The TWB team can have your task reviewed, I think, by one of the senior reviewers (the same reviewers who revise the tests we take in order to become Kató Verified Translators), but I’m not sure. :thinking:

:white_check_mark: Also, the TWB team intends to introduce changes in the review system. The goal is to encourage a conversation between the reviser and the translator - but that’s all I know.

You may also want to have a look at this thread I created some time ago: :point_right: Feedback doesn’t match rating.

Please see also: :point_right: BAD REVIEW - Chunk 1 of Quiz for social studies final lesson and :point_right: Reviewer (gave an intentional bad review).

Unfortunately, like @tgabow said, this happens to all of us - and on a regular basis. So don’t lose heart. :slight_smile:

In some cases, the rating seems to be an accident or a misunderstanding of the rating system. In others, the reviser may be too severe. In addition to all this, sometimes the reviser actually introduces mistakes in the translation.

Maybe the new rating system changes all this - especially if it involves a reset of all the ratings we got so far, seeing that the current rating system - let’s face it - is not producing an accurate representation of our work.

Part of the problem is that the reviews are subjective - and this issue is further compounded by the fact that we don’t use the same criteria to assess each others’ work. For instance, some revisers ‘charge’ you a star in fluency if your translation has one spelling mistake in a 2000-word task. I don’t. I don’t think that’s fair, and I don’t think that’s how it works. After all, no matter how long your task is, the rating system only has 5 stars, not 2000. :grin:

I will also tag here our kind @JoannaW and @Manuel, so they can provide further information. (Thanks in advance, Joanna and Manuel :slight_smile: :+1:).

I hope this helps. :wink:

Thank you for your understanding and for bringing this issue up, Carolina. :heart:

Have a great Sunday! :hibiscus: :leaves:


Hello @carolinajusta, @andfraz, @M.Saif, @tgabow and all others interested,

I look forward to this new system TWB is developing. I wanna leave my 2 cents on this matter too: the starring system is not good, not for reviews like we do in here. Making a system that allows conversation and feedback is the best choice available, for the starring system encourages highly biased judgments that, 9 out of 10 times, are not followed by feedbacks. I’ve never - not even once - received a feedback, just stars.

We give stars to everything we do on apps/software/etc. nowadays, but this here is different; a company made out of tons of employees can share the load of a bad review, but in here we’re talking about individuals that don’t even know why they were supposedly bad at that translation, and they have to swallow that unfounded critique. If the starring system has to exist, it should make mandatory the feedbacks that justify the starring. Whoever wants to be a reviewer has to have in mind that, besides making the final file more accurate, you have a duty to give constructive feedback so that the translator can get better; it also enhances your own capacity of having a good judgment that is not based only on personal choices and you become a better professional, for you have to prove to the translator why you made some changes and how you did them. It’s just counterproductive to not do it.

I’ve been mostly reviewing in here and I even created a template to write reviews; I give 5 stars every time, to everyone, but I’ll always leave feedback that proves useful to the translator. If you’re a reviewer and you’re reading this, please take your time to write feedback to your colleagues; take into consideration “how can I say something that will show the mistake and also a possible solution for it?”; a good critique opens up a path for growth, and no one here is a perfect translator, but we can all get better at it.

Wish you all nice translations and reviews \o/


Hello everyone :sunny: thank you all so much for this thoughtful discussion - we greatly appreciate your feedback on this matter. And for supporting your fellow translators :hugs:

@carolinajusta, I am very sorry you received a review you feel was undeserved :frowning: We would really appreciate it if you could send an email to our wonderful Quality and Process team @Manuel and @Evan1 ( and with the details of the task you are referring to, and they will look into it for you :mag_right:

@Manuel tagging you in case you had anything else to add, and so you can read the lovely suggestions here! :star2:


Hello everyone!

Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. I’m happy to see that you have expressed unprompted the same ideas and discussions that we have been having internally around this topic.

The review system is indeed going to change, and it will do so in such a way that encourages constructive conversations between colleagues, rather than toxic evaluations that add no value to volunteers.

It will be a learning process, both for revisers and translators alike. After all, it is not easy to give or receive feedback. And it will also be a learning process for us, as we find new ways of improving processes or create material and guidance to complement the existing one. For example, we have started creating Style Guides and other reference material in different languages to complement project instructions and feedback.

I appreciate your patience with this :slight_smile: There are a lot of changes going on at the moment. However, please know that you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help! @Evan1 will be in touch @carolinajusta to follow up on this feedback!