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Howdy partners!
I’d like to ask whether it’s possible to know when a proofreader reviewed my delivered translation task. I mean, if the word count is added to my profile does that mean someone has approved my translation (even tho there’s no feedback) ?

Hi @moisessalgueiro1,

Actually, the deadline for the revision is different and set by the project manger and usually only the PM and the reviewer who know this deadline!

Regarding the second part of your question, the word count just be added automatically to your profile during 24 hours regardless the task is revised or not yet! Also, the reviewer may revise it and submit it without leaving a feedback because leaving a feedback is optional. However, TWB staff always ask reviewers to provide a constructive feedback!

I hope this helps!

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Oh, alright. That was quite useful!
Thank you for your attention, Dalia.

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Most welcome Moises!

All the best! :slight_smile: