Registering for Kató Platform and Kató Community

Kató Platform is the environment for managing translation projects.
Kató Community is a forum for volunteers, partners and project officers to interact and discuss the projects created.

It is important to register on both platforms.

You will be notified by the PM when your email has been added to our system. Please contact the PM if you would like additional email addresses added to your organization account stating the First & Last Name and email addresses of the member you would like added.

To register on Kató Platform:

  1. Register on with your email address and choose a password
    Use a third party application as long as it is connected with the same email address you provided to TWB

  2. You will then receive an activation email with the link to login to Kató Platform

  3. Log in to the platform at

After you have registered on Kató Platform, please register on Kató Community.

  1. Go to and click Sign Up (top right)

  1. Log in with the email address and password you use on Kató Platform

  1. Choose a username.