Questions about the revision claiming procedures

Good afternoon, everyone :slight_smile:

I noticed that, in some projects, the revision task is available for us to claim at the same time as the translation task (scenario 1). In others, the revision task is only available after the translation is finally submitted (scenario 2).

So I was wondering: why is that? What is the criterion determining this difference?

Also, regarding scenario 2: if I see a task I would like to revise, is there any way I can “pre-claim” the revision task? If yes, how? If the answer is no, can I be notified when it is available to be claimed?

Thank you very much for your help. :heart:

Have a splendid Tuesday! :sun_with_face:


Hi @andfraz,

It depends on whether or not the file was split into several parts for translation. If it was split, revision tasks are available immediately and whoever claims them will receive an email once the translation is ready. For projects where the file was not split, you can only claim the revision once the translation has been completed. You can always inform the PM (here on the forum is a good place) that you would like to revise a task and they can reserve it for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: