Question on revision task

Hi, I have just started working on my first revision task, which also happens to be my first task on Kato. I did go through some of the FAQs and tutorials but I am still not clear on how should I go about it?
Whenever I check the translation and click on the “Approved” button - it either says ‘This segment is not translated yet. Only translated segments can be revised.’ or ‘This part has not been assigned to you.’

I did claim these tasks and they show up in the my queue. Is there anything I am missing? I would appreciate if someone can nudge me in the right direction.

Thanks so much!


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Good evening, Akanksha :slight_smile: - and first of all, welcome to our comunity :partying_face: :heart:

Probably the translator is still working on the task. Once he/she submits his/her translation, you receive an email notifying you that the translation is complete. Can you confirm if you have or have not received that email?

I hope this helps!

Have a great evening, Akanksha! :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :star:

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Thanks so much for your prompt response Andreia! :grinning:

I haven’t received that email yet. My understanding was the revision task would be assigned only after the translation was complete, my bad! :grin:

I would look out for that email and may be try revising again.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with everyone :star_struck:

Take care!


You are welcome, Akanksha :wink:

Actually, in some cases revision tasks are only available for claiming after the translation is complete. But when it comes to chunked projects, sometimes it’s hard to find volunteers to work on all tasks. I believe that’s why, in these cases, both the translation and revisions tasks are available from the start.

Yes, please do wait for the notification email. :slight_smile: :email:

I’m sure everyone looks forward to working with you too. :heart: I sure do! :smiley:

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. :slight_smile:

Have a great evening! :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :star:

All the best,


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Hello @akanksha.joshi :sunflower:
First of all welcome to the TWB Community and well done on claiming your first task :partying_face:
What the lovely @andfraz said is right (thank you Andreia :gem:) the translation hasn’t been submitted yet, that’s why you can’t work on your Revision task. I’ve seen that you claimed two Revision tasks and for both of them we’re waiting for the translation to be submitted. Just be patient :smile:
Once again, we’re happy to have you on board!


Sure Carolina, thank you! :grinning:

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How can I revise my task when I complete it and submit it for misspellings? unfortunately when I work on the task I cannot see any mistakes :face_with_monocle: but after submitting yeahhhh I can see every small mistakes with blindfold :laughing:


Hi @Jegr_Ali_Mawlood Im not sure if you can as the translator. Dont worry tasks normally get revised by someone and then a staff member looks them over before they get sent to the partner so dont worry too much. It happens to the best of us.

If there is a way one of the experts will hopefully be back on Monday with a more helpful answer for you. :grinning:
It might be worth posting the question under the link to the relevant project if you can (if not dont worry :grinning:)


Appreciate your response Miss Hazel :relaxed:

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Hi Jegr, I think we can all relate with your experience! So, as Hazel said, all tasks are revised by another volunteer translator, so it’s a 2 steps process translation+revision. However, we don’t always have a staff member who can then do a final revision, so it’s better if the revised version of the translation is already good enough to be delivered to the partner. Maybe @Manuel can recommend a Language Quality Assurance tool or something that is integrated in our CAT Tool, Kato TM? He is the expert.


Hi Team!

There are two recommendations I can share here (to begin with :smiley: )

  1. Kató TM relies on your browser’s spell checker. Here’s a handy guide on Enabling spell-checking when using Kató TM
  2. LexiQA can also help with spelling and other QA issues. This thread has more information on how to work with it: Kató TM and lexiQA - Final checks before delivery

Let me know if these help! :slight_smile:
Have a great week.


Hey guys,
I´m Janaíne and I just got my first review job and I’m in doubt:
I received a file in English and 3 in my mother tongue which is Portuguese, only these texts are very different from the original text in English and each one on a different expectation of the main theme. Shouldn’t the texts I have to proofread in Portuguese be the translation of the original text in English?
Thanks in advance

Hi @janainetradutoraeint :slight_smile:
Thanks for your question. Could you please let me know what task you’re referring to? Please watch this video tutorial to learn how to find the thread related to the relevant task.

Thanks Miss Ambra you are more helpful than you realize :sweat_smile: :relaxed: