Question about verifiers of being translator on TWB


I am a translator on the TWB Kató website and I am about to apply to Med-School. I provided my work experience in TWB as one of my volunteer experiences. However, they ask me to provide verifers for my engagement. Can I ask if I need to contact any employee of TWB to inform them of this? Or, I can simply upload the Email address and phone number of TWB website. Does anyone have this kind of experience? If you do, pls leave a comment and I would really appreciate that. Thank you all guys for your time to read this question and have a great day:)


Hi @fengyemd,
Have you thought about seeing if you can share your TWB profile with the as verification? (I’m talking about the link provided in your profile on the left side, below your language pairs/services/experience.) Good luck with your applications!


Thank you for replying but the university wants to have the Email adresse and phone umber so that they can verify…


Hi @fengyemd

Go to your profile page, scroll down and find the Reference Email part, then click on “Request Reference”. If you generate this automated email, it will outline all your work in TWB, with TWB’s email attached there for your university to get in contact and verify it.
The contact number can be found here:
Tell us if that’s enough. Have a good night \o/


Hi @fengyemd thanks for your message :blush: I just sent you an email with all the information about how we confirm your contribution at TWB. :envelope_with_arrow:

Thank you for your support, @brenotelesp! :sunny:


Hi! How did you provide your work for TWB to the company? What format did you provide? And where did find the information? I know that we can find it on the webpage but HOW do you show/extract it?

Hi @Emilie4 thanks for reaching out! You can find information about sharing your work with TWB on this page :wink:

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to send us an email at and we’ll look into it for you :blush: