Question about groups

Good morning, everyone :slight_smile:

Recently, I’ve realized we have a few groups here in the community.

So I was wondering: can volunteers join? If yes, what are the requirements to join, and how can we help?

Thank you very much! :heart:

Have a great day, everyone! :hibiscus: :leaves:


:wave: @andfraz Good morning Andreia,
:point_right: Do you mean the “Teams” :thinking:?

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Good morning, Mohamed :sun_with_face:

I meant the groups. :slight_smile: You can find them by clicking on the symbol next to your profile image. Then it opens a little menu, and you can find it here:



:no_mouth: I see Andreia, it is interesting!
Some are closed, and some allow requests to join.
While some are for admins, others are not sufficiently self-descriptive.
:point_right: I join you and ask further:

  1. Why are these groups (we already have spaces in this community)?
  2. Who can make them?

@andfraz Thanks Andreia! :bouquet:
Thanks to all :bouquet:

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YOU MEANS THE TEAM? :upside_down_face:

@emanziada Hi, You are a Crisis Responder! What kind of help is that?! :slight_smile:

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:thinking: I wonder,
:speech_balloon: Such a simple question, why would it take so long to be responded to?
:eyes: Not an admin, nor a group member would come up to clarify, did we get it wrong :roll_eyes: ?!
Is it possible they did not see it :thinking: !!

Hi @andfraz and @M.Saif thank you both for this discussion! My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

I believe Groups are mainly used by Project Managers. @Paulina maybe you know more about this? :blush:


Hi @JoannaW,

To my knowledge, groups are really just a tool to regulate access to different parts of the forum so mostly relevant to admins. For example, there is a private group set up for members of NGOs supported by TWB. So not that relevant to most users of the forum :slight_smile:


@JoannaW Hi Joanna, Thanks for getting back anyway :slight_smile: !

@Paulina :wave: Hi Paulina,
To what I understood it is kind of an administrative tool, yet some of these groups have a join or a request to join options,

  • what would users be given access to if they join?
  • what kind of support or help are they suppose to provide through these groups?

Thanks for the response :bouquet:, and hopefully we are not being too nosey or troublesome :smile_cat: !


Thanks @M.Saif for asking. I don’t think there is much to gain by requesting to join, simply because many groups are no longer used and others are only meant for those who are already members or added by an admin.My best advice would be to simply ignore the groups :slight_smile: You should already have access to all sections that are relevant to you.


@Paulina Thanks :+1: !

Good afternoon, everyone :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your replies, @JoannaW and @Paulina. I asked because I was curious if we could somehow help more by becoming part of groups, but I see that’s not the case.

Thank you very much :heart:, and have a great Monday! :hibiscus: :leaves:


wat just want to help you

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Hi @emanziada thanks for your interest! Did you have a question about this thread? :slight_smile: