Proofreading before the translation is complete



I was assigned a translation task and I had translated all the segments, but hadn’t completed the assignment yet, because I still wanted to reread my translation. When I returned to my assignment, I saw it was already proofread, although the translation wasn’t marked as completed yet. How is this possible? It does not seem right.



Hello leva, thank you for your message. You are right: that shouldn’t happen. We always encourage proofreader to wait until the translator or the PM asks them to go ahead with the translation, as it might happen that the translation is completed but needs to be polished a bit. I understand your concerns.

Has this happened with one of the translations you recently did for UNHCR? If so, @Narges and @AnaC are the project managers for UNHCR and might send a message to the proofreader, to remind them of our policies.

Thanks a lot for flagging this! :bouquet:


Yes, the job title is “Missing_text_boxes_from_the_refugee_videos”. Thank you!


Hi Ieva, we will be in touch with you on Workspace. These things happen, the revisers have access to the revision links and can see the progress online. Some may miss checking the task page to see if it is marked as complete or not. We have reminded the reviser about this.


Hello. This is my first time contributing to TWB, and I am a little bit confused. I am assigned the proofreading of a translation but the deadline is the same for both, how am I supposed to revise it before due time?
I have also posted this message at the assignment message board. Please let me know which procedure is the accurate, as I don’t know the right way to do it and I don’t want to offend anyone.
Thank you in advance.


Hi @VGirbau, thank you for your message. My colleague @Dona, the project manager for CAFE, will get back to you as soon as she can and extended your deadline.

For Workspace, you can use the project page to leave messages to the project manager, just like you did. When working on Kató Platform, you will have a specific thread for the project on Kató Community. You can always rely on Kató community to answer your doubts, being it through the different explanatory threads on Kató Q&A or by creating a new thread. So, you did everything right :wink: And it’s great to see you using Kató community on your very first assignment, well done!


Thank you so much for your kind reply, @AnaC.
I’m so excited to start working with TWB and I hope to contribute in as many projects as I can.


@VGirbau, we are also very excited to have you on board :heart:


Hi there,
The translation I was supposed to proofread is overdue and has not been completed. What shall I do?
I’ve asked the same question at the workspace and still have no answer, that is why I do here now.


Hi Veronica, I see that the issue has been solved, thank you for asking! Apologies for getting back to you only now, we generally have slower responses over the weekend.


Hello, am a applicant, i applied as a volunteer as a translator in English to kibaku, while in my Workspace Profile is English to Kanuri, i need correction from English to kibaku, not English to Kanuri.

TWB Maiduguri Volunteers

Hi Aisha! Kibaku unfortunately is not a language listed int he TWB Workspace and we are not able to add it as your working languages. However, I see that in your Kato Platform profile, Kibaku is recorded as your native language on our database and your Kató Platform profile reflects that. All projects requiring Kibaku will be posted on Kató Platform and you will be notified about them.


Yes is the Cibak language that i applied for, please help me to correct it as Cibak my native language.


It is already correct in Kato Platform, no need to do anything else :slight_smile:


But of my Workspace Profile, because i saw English to Kanuri, while is English to Cibak.


We are not able to add English to Cibak in your Workspace profile, I am sorry. This does not depend on us but on the way the platform is set. We are not able to change it. If you want we can remove English to Kanuri, if you do not work in that combination, but we cannot add English to Cibak. Please let me know if you would like me to remove English to Kanuri


Ok, because i applied as a translator in kibaku which is Cibak language, hope it will not be a problem.


Hi @Aisha, our translators can translate into different languages if they have the ability to do so. On your Kató Platform profile you mention you also speak Hausa, Kanuri and English besides your mother tongue, Cibak. If this is not the case, please let us know if your profiles (Kató Platform and Workspace) should only be set to English to Cibak. Otherwise, if you also speak and translate into Hausa and Kanuri, there is no problem in maintaining those languages on your profiles.