Problem with task stream

Hello ! I recently registered on the platform but it seems there is an issue as you can see in the picture. Even when I select see all tasks/all languages sources/all languages targets, I have nothing. I have seen on screenshots that this should not be the case. Could any one help me solve this problem ? Thank you very much


Hi @AnneLaure :sunflower: and welcome to TWB! :tada:

I checked your profile and I could see that you listed the language pairs (English to French) & (Spanish to French), so everything should be working fine now :100: :+1: and you’ll be able to find tasks in your language pairs when they’re available :innocent:

Kindly note that you’ll only be able to see the tasks in the language pairs you listed, so if you use the filters to look for tasks in other language pairs, you won’t see them :roll_eyes:

Also, if you use the filters to find tasks in your language pairs but still can’t find any, don’t worry :wink: you’ll surely find some later because we posts new tasks all the time, so keep an eye out! :eyes:

I hope I could give you a helpful answer, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions :orange_heart:


Ok thanks very much. I hope tasks will appear soon :slight_smile:

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Hi, it seems I´m having the same problem, I registered four or five days ago, and I haven´t found any task to choose. I’ve been entering almost all days and at different times. Maybe I have made some mistake when I registered?

Hey I have task nows like 3 days in a row so don’t worry they will come !