Portuguese removed as a target language?

I went to search for new tasks and couldn’t find “portuguese” in the target language list. Not only did I just revise a PT>EN task, I am also pretty sure I saw “portuguese” there yesterday.

Can anyone clarify this situation?

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Hello, @LucasC!
Portuguese is indeed in the list of our target languages :slight_smile:
The fact that you can’t find it right now means there are currently no tasks available into Portuguese. But, fret not! There will be more tasks soon!



Thank you for the answer!

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How are you?
I have a question for today.
I have not seen yet published job from English to Português of Brazil. You have any previsião for this par of languages?

Thank you;

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Hi Eduardo,
Thank you so much for your interest in collaborating with TWB. We don’t have any prediction of when will we be working with Brazilian Portuguese, although we have some Partners that usually ask for that specific variant of Portuguese.
If you have not done it yet, please sign up for Kató Platform email notifications, so that you can be informed automatically when a new task from English to Brazilian Portuguese is available. Let me know if you have any questions.

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