Phrase TMS integrated spellchecker

The Phrase TMS Editor has an integrated spellchecker supporting many languages. If your language is included in the table below, you can activate the automatic spellchecker for support during the translation process.

Code Language Spellchecker
af Afrikaans Yes
af_na Afrikaans (Namibia) Yes
af_za Afrikaans (South Africa) Yes
ak Akan Yes
an Aragonese Yes
am Amharic Yes
am_et Amharic (Ethiopia) Yes
ar Arabic Yes
ar_ae Arabic (United Arab Emirates) Yes
ar_arabizi Arabic (Arabizi) Yes
ar_bh Arabic (Bahrain) Yes
ar_dz Arabic (Algeria) Yes
ar_eg Arabic (Egypt) Yes
ar_il Arabic (Israel) Yes
ar_iq Arabic (Iraq) Yes
ar_jo Arabic (Jordan) Yes
ar_kw Arabic (Kuwait) Yes
ar_latn Arabic (Latin) Yes
ar_lb Arabic (Lebanon) Yes
ar_ly Arabic (Libya) Yes
ar_ma Arabic (Morocco) Yes
ar_mod Arabic (Modern) Yes
ar_om Arabic (Oman) Yes
ar_qa Arabic (Qatar) Yes
ar_sa Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Yes
ar_sd Arabic (Sudan) Yes
ar_sy Arabic (Syria) Yes
ar_tn Arabic (Tunisia) Yes
ar_ye Arabic (Yemen) Yes
as Assamese Yes
ast Asturian Yes
az Azeri (Latin) Yes
az_arab Azerbaijani (Arabic) Yes
az_arab_ir Azerbaijani (Arabic, Iran) Yes
az_cyrl Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) Yes
az_cyrl_az Azerbaijani (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan) Yes
az_latn Azerbaijani (Latin) Yes
az_latn_az Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan) Yes
be Belarusian Yes
be_by Belarusian (Belarus) Yes
bg Bulgarian Yes
bg_bg Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Yes
bg_latn_bg Bulgarian (Latin, Bulgaria) Yes
bm Bambara Yes
bn Bengali Yes
bn_bd Bengali (Bangladesh) Yes
bn_in Bengali (India) Yes
bn_latn Bengali (Latin) Yes
bo Standard Tibetan Yes
br Breton Yes
bs Bosnian Yes
bs_ba Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Yes
bs_cyrl Bosnian (Cyrillic) Yes
bs_cyrl_ba Bosnian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Yes
bs_latn Bosnian (Latin) Yes
bs_latn_ba Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Yes
ca Catalan Yes
ca_es Catalan (Spain) Yes
ca_es_valencia Catalan (Spain, Valencia) Yes
cs Czech Yes
cs_cz Czech (Czech Republic) Yes
cv Chuvash Yes
cy Welsh Yes
cy_gb Welsh (United Kingdom) Yes
da Danish Yes
da_dk Danish (Denmark) Yes
de German Yes
de_at German (Austria) Yes
de_be German (Belgium) Yes
de_ch German (Switzerland) Yes
de_de German (Germany) Yes
de_li German (Liechtenstein) Yes
de_lu German (Luxembourg) Yes
dsb Lower Sorbian Yes
el Greek Yes
el_cy Greek (Cyprus) Yes
el_gr Greek (Greece) Yes
el_latn_gr Greek (Latin, Greece) Yes
en English Yes
en_001 English (International) Yes
en_039 English (Southern Europe) Yes
en_150 English (Europe) Yes
en_151 English (Eastern Europe) Yes
en_154 English (Northern Europe) Yes
en_155 English (Western Europe) Yes
en_au English (Australia) Yes
en_bw English (Botswana) Yes
en_bz English (Belize) Yes
en_ca English (Canada) Yes
en_dk English (Denmark) Yes
en_fi English (Finland) Yes
en_gb English (United Kingdom) Yes
en_gh English (Ghana) Yes
en_hk English (Hong Kong) Yes
en_id English (Indonesia) Yes
en_ie English (Ireland) Yes
en_il English (Israel) Yes
en_in English (India) Yes
en_jm English (Jamaica) Yes
en_jp English (Japan) Yes
en_ke English (Kenya) Yes
en_km English (Khmer) Yes
en_lb English (Lebanese) Yes
en_ls English (Lesotho) Yes
en_mt English (Malta) Yes
en_my English (Malaysia) Yes
en_na English (Namibia) Yes
en_ng English (Nigeria) Yes
en_nl English (Netherlands) Yes
en_no English (Norway) Yes
en_nz English (New Zealand) Yes
en_ph English (Philippines) Yes
en_sa English (Saudi-Arabia) Yes
en_se English (Sweden) Yes
en_sg English (Singapore) Yes
en_sz English (Swaziland) Yes
en_tt English (Trinidad) Yes
en_us English (United States) Yes
en_za English (South Africa) Yes
en_zm English (Zambia) Yes
en_zw English (Zimbabwe) Yes
eo Esperanto Yes
es Spanish Yes
es_001 Spanish (International) Yes
es_419 Spanish (Latin America) Yes
es_ar Spanish (Argentina) Yes
es_aw Spanish (Aruba) Yes
es_bo Spanish (Bolivia) Yes
es_cl Spanish (Chile) Yes
es_co Spanish (Colombia) Yes
es_cr Spanish (Costa Rica) Yes
es_cu Spanish (Cuba) Yes
es_do Spanish (Dominican Republic) Yes
es_ec Spanish (Ecuador) Yes
es_es Spanish (Spain) Yes
es_gt Spanish (Guatemala) Yes
es_hn Spanish (Honduras) Yes
es_mx Spanish (Mexico) Yes
es_ni Spanish (Nicaragua) Yes
es_pa Spanish (Panama) Yes
es_pe Spanish (Peru) Yes
es_pr Spanish (Puerto Rico) Yes
es_py Spanish (Paraguay) Yes
es_sv Spanish (El Salvador) Yes
es_us Spanish (United States) Yes
es_uy Spanish (Uruguay) Yes
es_ve Spanish (Venezuela) Yes
et Estonian Yes
et_ee Estonian (Estonia) Yes
eu Basque Yes
fa Farsi Yes
fa_af Farsi (Afghanistan) Yes
fa_ir Farsi (Iran) Yes
fa_latn_ir Farsi (Latin, Iran) Yes
fi Finnish Yes
fi_fi Finnish (Finland) Yes
fo Faeroese Yes
fo_fo Faeroese (Faroe Islands) Yes
fr French Yes
fr_001 French (International) Yes
fr_be French (Belgium) Yes
fr_ca French (Canada) Yes
fr_cd French (DR Congo) Yes
fr_ch French (Switzerland) Yes
fr_cm French (Cameroon) Yes
fr_dz French (Algeria) Yes
fr_fr French (France) Yes
fr_lu French (Luxembourg) Yes
fr_ma French (Morocco) Yes
fr_mc French (Monaco) Yes
fr_pf French (French Polynesia) Yes
ga Irish Yes
ga_ie Irish (Ireland) Yes
gd Scottish Gaelic Yes
gd_gb Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom) Yes
gl Gallegan Yes
gl_es Gallegan (Spain) Yes
gu Gujarati Yes
gu_in Gujarati (India) Yes
he Hebrew Yes
he_il Hebrew (Israel) Yes
hi Hindi Yes
hi_in Hindi (India) Yes
hi_latn Hindi (Latin) Yes
hr Croatian Yes
hr_ba Croatian (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Yes
hr_hr Croatian (Croatia) Yes
hsb Upper Sorbian Yes
hu Hungarian Yes
hu_hu Hungarian (Hungary) Yes
hy Armenian Yes
hy_am Armenian (Armenia) Yes
hy_latn_am Armenian (Latin, Armenia) Yes
ia Interlingua Yes
id Indonesian Yes
id_id Indonesian (Indonesia) Yes
is Icelandic Yes
is_is Icelandic (Iceland) Yes
it Italian Yes
it_ch Italian (Switzerland) Yes
it_it Italian (Italy) Yes
ki Kikuyu Yes
kk Kazakh Yes
kk_latn Kazakh (Latin) Yes
kk_kz Kazakh (Kazakhstan) Yes
km Khmer Yes
km_kh Khmer (Cambodia) Yes
kn Kannada Yes
kn_in Kannada (India) Yes
la Latin Yes
lb Luxembourgish Yes
lb_lu Luxembourgish (Luxembourg) Yes
ln Lingala Yes
ln_ao Lingala (Angola) Yes
ln_cd Lingala (Congo DRC) Yes
ln_cf Lingala (Central African Republic) Yes
ln_cg Lingala (Congo) Yes
lt Lithuanian Yes
lt_lt Lithuanian (Lithuania) Yes
lv Latvian Yes
lv_lv Latvian (Latvia) Yes
mg Malagasy Yes
mg_mg Malagasy (Madagascar) Yes
mh Marshallese Yes
mi Maori Yes
mi_nz Maori (New Zealand) Yes
mk Macedonian Yes
mk_mk Macedonian (Macedonia) Yes
ml Malayalam Yes
ml_in Malayalam (India) Yes
mn Mongolian (Cyrillic) Yes
mn_mn Mongolian (Mongolia) Yes
mr Marathi Yes
mr_in Marathi (India) Yes
mt Maltese Yes
mt_mt Maltese (Malta) Yes
ne Nepali (India) Yes
ne_np Nepali (Nepal) Yes
nl Dutch Yes
nl_001 Dutch (International) Yes
nl_be Dutch (Belgium) Yes
nl_nl Dutch (Netherlands) Yes
no Norwegian Yes
no_no Norwegian (Norway) Yes
no_no_ny Norwegian (Norway,Nynorsk) Yes
nso Northern Sotho Yes
ny Chewa Yes
oc Occitan Yes
pa Punjabi Yes
pa_arab_pk Punjabi (Pakistan, Arabic) Yes
pa_in Punjabi (India) Yes
pa_pk Punjabi (Pakistan) Yes
pl Polish Yes
pl_pl Polish (Poland) Yes
pt Portuguese Yes
pt_ao Portuguese (Angola) Yes
pt_br Portuguese (Brazil) Yes
pt_mz Portuguese (Mozambique) Yes
pt_pt Portuguese (Portugal) Yes
qu Quechua Yes
ro Romanian Yes
ro_md Romanian (Moldova) Yes
ro_ro Romanian (Romania) Yes
ru Russian Yes
ru_by Russian (Belarus) Yes
ru_ee Russian (Estonia) Yes
ru_il Russian (Israel) Yes
ru_kg Russian (Kyrgyzstan) Yes
ru_kz Russian (Kazakhstan) Yes
ru_latn_ru Russian (Latin, Russia) Yes
ru_lt Russian (Lithuania) Yes
ru_lv Russian (Latvia) Yes
ru_md Russian (Moldova) Yes
ru_ru Russian (Russia) Yes
ru_ua Russian (Ukraine) Yes
ru_uz Russian (Uzbek) Yes
rw Kinyarwanda Yes
sc Sardinian Yes
sc_it Sardinian (Italy) Yes
se Northern Sami Yes
se_fi Northern Sami (Finland) Yes
se_no Northern Sami (Norway) Yes
se_se Northern Sami (Sweden) Yes
sk Slovak Yes
sk_sk Slovak (Slovakia) Yes
sl Slovenian Yes
sl_si Slovenian (Slovenia) Yes
sma Southern Sami Yes
sma_no Southern Sami (Norway) Yes
sma_se Southern Sami (Sweden) Yes
smj Lule Sami Yes
smj_no Lule Sami (Norway) Yes
smj_se Lule Sami (Sweden) Yes
sn Shona Yes
so Somali Yes
so_dj Somali (Djibouti) Yes
so_et Somali (Ethiopia) Yes
so_ke Somali (Kenya) Yes
so_so Somali (Somalia) Yes
sq Albanian Yes
sq_al Albanian (Albania) Yes
sr Serbian Yes
sr_ba Serbian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Yes
sr_me Serbian (Montenegro) Yes
sr_rs Serbian (Serbia) Yes
sr_cyrl Serbian Cyrillic Yes
sr_cyrl_ba Serbian Cyrillic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Yes
sr_cyrl_me Serbian Cyrillic (Montenegro) Yes
sr_cyrl_rs Serbian Cyrillic (Serbia) Yes
sr_latn Serbian Latin Yes
sr_latn_ba Serbian Latin (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Yes
sr_latn_me Serbian Latin (Montenegro) Yes
sr_latn_rs Serbian Latin (Serbia) Yes
ss Swati Yes
st Southern Sotho Yes
sv Swedish Yes
sv_fi Swedish (Finland) Yes
sv_se Swedish (Sweden) Yes
sw Swahili Yes
sw_cd Swahili (Congo DRC) Yes
sw_ke Swahili (Kenya) Yes
sw_tz Swahili (Tanzania) Yes
sw_ug Swahili (Uganda) Yes
ta Tamil Yes
ta_in Tamil (India) Yes
ta_latn_in Tamil (Latin, India) Yes
ta_lk Tamil (Sri Lanka) Yes
ta_my Tamil (Malaysia) Yes
ta_sg Tamil (Singapore) Yes
te Telugu Yes
te_in Telugu (India) Yes
te_latn_in Telugu (Latin, India) Yes
tg Tajik Yes
tg_cyrl Tajik (Cyrillic) Yes
tg_cyrl_tj Tajik (Cyrillic, Tajikistan) Yes
tk Turkmen Yes
tl Tagalog Yes
tn Tswana Yes
tpi Tok Pisin Yes
tr Turkish Yes
tr_tr Turkish (Turkey) Yes
ts Tsonga Yes
tt Tatar Yes
uk Ukrainian Yes
uk_latn_ua Ukrainian (Latin, Ukraine) Yes
uk_ua Ukrainian (Ukraine) Yes
ur Urdu Yes
ur_in Urdu (India) Yes
ur_latn Urdu (Latin) Yes
ur_lk Urdu (Sri Lanka) Yes
ur_pk Urdu (Pakistan) Yes
ve Venda Yes
vi Vietnamese Yes
vi_vn Vietnamese (Vietnam) Yes
xh Xhosa Yes
yi Yiddish Yes
zu Zulu Yes
zu_za Zulu (South Africa) Yes

This post was truly insightful
Didn’t know languages had that many variants