Parallel texts

I have a question: how can I get the translations of tasks that have been already claimed by other volunteers (En>>Ar)? I mean if I want to try translating them and compare my work with the final versions.

Good morning, Hamidou :slight_smile:

Well, when you have a revising task in your task stream, you can download the file and check the translation.

Also, when you are translating/revising a task in Kató TM which is a chunk (instead of a one-piece project), you can click on the “Download Translation” button and check how the other translators are translating the task (however, bear in mind that their task may not yet be complete).

In that case, you can also do that by scrolling up and down - you just cannot edit the text, because the other chunks won’t be assigned to you.

Other than that, I’m not sure if what you ask is possible.

Maybe our kind @ambra knows more about this. (Thanks in advance, Ambra :smiley:)

I hope this helps.

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Hello and thanks for your message. Indeed, you can’t see tasks claimed by other translators but if you are working on a chunked projects you might see the chunks others are working on. You just have to scroll up or down and find the translations not assigned to you, just as @andfraz is saying :slight_smile: