Paid short-term assignment in Pashto for Bibliothèques Sans Frontières

:question: Short-term paid opportunity
:mag:Content assessment in Pashto
:date: No deadline at the moment, 2 days of work estimated
:busts_in_silhouette: Bibliothèques Sans Frontières
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This project is not in partnership with TWB. We are just helping spread the word!

Bibliothèques Sans Frontières works to strengthen the capacity to act and the autonomy of populations through access to information, education and culture. BSF projects libraries where they are not to make them accessible to the most fragile populations.

Objectives of the mission
Make an inventory of the contents (videos, ebooks, PDFs, etc) that would be available in Pashto, respecting the following criteria:

  • free and open access
  • easy to understand for a potentially limited-literate publics
  • on the following two main themes:
  • Integration in France (asylum procedure, access to rights, health, parenthood, housing,
    work or studies in France, practical life…)
  • Culture and leisure: films, music, sports, cooking, games related to Pashto culture.

Methodology and deliverables
The consultant will be coordinated by the person in charge of content at Bibliothèques Sans Frontières.
The consultant may be hosted at the BSF headquarters to carry out the mission.
Deliverable :

  • a note detailing the current statement :
  • estimation of the number of contents by major themes, their formats (videos, texts…)
  • authors and distributors of contents
  • degree of quality and understandability of the contents
  • An exchange (1h-1h30) with the person in charge of contents at Bibliothèques Sans Frontières will follow the note to ensure understanding of the results and to refine them if necessary.

The mission begins as soon as possible and it is estimated at 2 days of work.
The consultant will be paid a total amount of €300 for this mission.

If you have any questions or you are interested in this project please contact Léa Maris at