Paid Opportunity for Kurdish Kurmanji content research

:question: Short-term paid opportunity
:mag: Search content in Kurdish Kumanji
:date: 26th June 2020
:busts_in_silhouette: Bibliothèques Sans Frontières
:email: (Stéphanie Moutier)

This project is not in partnership with TWB. We are just helping spread the word!

BSF and ACTED signed a project aimed at strengthening skills-development and engagement opportunities for vulnerable adolescents and youth in Dohuk governorate, Iraq.

The consultant will be responsible for the following:

  1. Curating digital content in Kurdish Kurmanji in the 4 following themes:
  • Increasing employability through professional skills
  • Developing digital skills
  • Undertaking a project: entrepreneurship
  • Advocating for one’s rights
  1. Cataloguing and indexing all selected digital content, with support from BSF content team, and in accordance with the framework provided by BSF.
  2. Updating the category tree (list of 500 keywords).
  3. If there is not enough suitable content, the consultant is asked to indicate this. The digital content will be available online or offline and, where possible, free and open access. They will then be paid pro rata to the number of contents processed.

Excel skills are required.

The consultant will be paid a total amount of €1000 for this mission. The consultant will receive payment at the completion of the mission, once the selection and integration of content has been approved by BSF.

The mission must be completed by June 26th 2020.

For more information, please email Stéphanie at

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