Paid interpreting opportunity for EN<>IT

:question: Paid interpreting assignment
:speech_balloon: Medical interpreting support – EN<>IT
:world_map: Cremona, Italy
:bust_in_silhouette: Samaritan’s Purse
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This project is not in partnership with TWB – We are just helping spread the word!

A US charity donated a camp hospital to be set up in Cremona, near Milan, to support COVID-19 outbreak response in one of the most affected areas in Italy. US health personnel is also on-site volunteering to help, but there is a language barrier between Italian patients/doctors and US health staff.

They are urgently hiring paid English<>Italian interpreters and data entry staff. You don’t need to be a professional interpreter but need to be fluent in English and Italian. All safety measures are guaranteed. More information in the PDF. If interested, please email (in English) Ingrid at

Ospedale USA - Hiring Call.pdf (48.2 KB)