Opportunity to participate in a research study on translators in conflict zones

Hello everyone! :wave:

:woman_student: Our fellow translator Elizabeth Jacyshyn-Owen is conducting a research project for her MA’s dissertation at The Open University titled “An investigation into the current state of aftercare for conflict-based interpreters and translators: issues, solutions and recommendations”.

:dart: The aim of the study is to explore the role of translators and interpreters in situations of conflict, a service mostly taken on by civilians with little or no formal training in these areas. By conducting this research, Elisabeth aims to create a clearer picture of the current state of affairs, in addition to providing solutions-oriented recommendations to help improve the current situation for translators and interpreters.

:warning:This opportunity is intended for translators with work experiences in conflict zones.

:desktop_computer: Elisabeth will conduct completely anonymised interviews with a number of translators and interpreters in order to build a foundation for her recommendation.

Please note:

  • Should you consent to take part in this study, you will be invited for an interview at a time and location convenient for you;
  • This interview will be recorded and stored safely on a password protected PC, to which I am the only person to have access which will be securely and permanently erased upon submission of my MA dissertation.
  • This interview will last approximately an hour, during which we will talk about your
  • You may at any point in the interview request to stop or to have something you have said
    struck from the record without providing any reason.

:bangbang: If you are interested and you would like to participate or to know more about this research project, please get in touch with Elisabeth Jacyshyn-Owen at ejacyshynowen@gmail.com :bangbang:


Yes I would like to participate in this sturdy

Hi @shamhusen20, That’s wonderful! :star_struck:
To participate, please get in touch directly with Elisabeth Jacyshyn-Owen at the following email address ejacyshynowen@gmail.com

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