Number of words not displayed on my profile


I recently submitted a translation task, but the number of words displayed on my profile is not updated. Does it take a certain time to appear?

Kind regards.

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Good evening, @oz.marrugo :first_quarter_moon_with_face: and, first of all, welcome to our comunity :partying_face: :tada:

Yes. The numbers of words on our translator badge is usually updated on the next day (unless the next day is a Saturday :grin:).

By the way, are you already a Verified Kat贸 Translator? If you become a verified translator, you鈥檒l have access to many more tasks. Here鈥檚 what you need to know: How to become a Kat贸 Verified Translator? :white_check_mark:

Moreover, if you take the Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for Kat贸 Translators course, you鈥檒l get a free certificate. Taking this course is a great way to get started around here. :slight_smile:

You may also want to have a look at the Welcome pack for Kat贸 Translators. :face_with_monocle: :gift:

Have a great evening, Oscar. :star2:


Thanks for reaching out @oz.marrugo! The information @andfraz provided is absolutely right :star2: And I can confirm that your profile has now updated :slight_smile:

I see you鈥檝e already taken a test to become verified - that鈥檚 great! As soon as we have your results we will let you know :blush:


Thank you for the help!


Thank you so much for responding to my question.