Notification Timing for Projects


My question is about the task availability notifications.

I see where daily notifications is the most frequent notification option we are able to choose. I think that time differences may cause one to miss out and viewing and claiming a task.

If I had not already submitted my feedback survey, I would mention it there. But, perhaps, you can provide some input on behalf of platform users.

I see recent projects in my pair in the communication thread for which I never receive a notification because, very likely, they have been claimed by someone else before my daily notifications come through which may equate to not receiving any notifications because tasks have been claimed by someone else who may be a day ahead (time zone wise).

Is it possible for the designers to provide an option for immediate notification of new tasks versus daily notifications?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @dmccartney and thank you for coming into this discussion with us :orange_heart:

As you rightly said, sending the email notifications on a daily basis is the most frequent option, but it often doesn’t have specific time in the day, I believe that it’s an automated procedure that takes place when a number of tasks are available for the volunteers based on their language pairs.

At the same time, publishing tasks is also an automated procedure, maybe if new tasks become available for a volunteer who previously received an email, these tasks won’t be sent by emails. This is why we always recommend keeping an eye on the homepage

In deed, your idea is really inspiring in terms of how to better support our volunteers to find the tasks available, and I’d love to transfer it to our Community Team to see if improving the emails process is possible.

Many thanks for your valuable support! We really appreciate it :sunflower:

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